10 Gardening Activities Preschoolers and Toddlers Will Love

10 Gardening Activities Preschoolers and Toddlers Will Love
Written by Bilal Munsif

10 Gardening Activities Preschoolers and Toddlers Will Love. You may think that spending time in the garden with young children is too dirty or boring, but the outdoors provides many opportunities to learn about the natural world and where we fit in. It’s also the perfect way to de-stress, create something beautiful, and have a super rewarding time together, screen-free.

There are many other developmental benefits for children regarding spending time in the garden. Physical activity, a sense of responsibility, fostering curiosity, opportunities for imaginative play, exploring science-based concepts, and discovering more about nutrition and the natural world are just a few.

Who could resist? Why aren’t you reading this in the garden with your son? Investing in some kid-sized garden equipment will help keep little gardeners busy and safe. Here are ten ways to encourage your under-five to have a green thumb if he’s itching to get started.

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Grow Vegetables Fast

Grow the kind of quick greens your kids will enjoy growing and eating. Pots of salad leaves, bushy cherry tomatoes, ripe strawberries, fast-growing baby radishes, carrots, peas, beans, and herbs can all be grown in pots or garden beds, and your little one will love them. You will love watching them thrive and may even be happy to pick, wash, and eat them!

Water Source

Arm your child with a watering can and point out the thirstiest plants, then let him carry on the important work of watering the garden for you. Repeat trips to refill the watering can are a must!

Fairy Gardening

Fairy gardens may be taking a back seat now that kids can access iPads and cable TV. Introduce your child to making their magical little garden out of salvaged things from the backyard.

Keep an eye out for friendly fairy garden accessories (think mini figurines and plastic toys) at your local store, too. And study these 11 enchanting fairy gardens to make with your fairy-loving child.

Farm Friends

If your backyard is small or nonexistent, you should introduce your child to the delights of gardening on a larger scale. Head to your nearest berry farm or road trip to a more rural area and look for roadside vegetable stands to inspire conversations about growing, eating, and the natural world.

Grass Heads

Perhaps you remember growing grass or sprout heads when you were a child? This is a lovely activity with your kids; they’ll have so much fun adding character to their critters (and giving them fun haircuts!)

This activity is also perfect for apartment dwellers who need access to backyards or backyards balconies. Here’s how to DIY your growing friend.

Birds And Bees

Your local nursery is a wealth of information on what to grow and where, and your child will love tearing through their leafy aisles. Talk to the nursery staff about plants that attract wildlife and go bee hunting with your child, noting which plants are the friendliest to bees and reflecting on the importance of these little creatures to the natural order of bees. 

Nature Study

Grab some pencils and paper and steer outdoors for a nature analysis together. Notice the shapes and colors of the plants. Draw your favorite flowers together. Take letters on the birds you might see. Talk about the weather. Okay, some of these toddler notes can be abstract, but try describing the fragrance of a nasturtium leaf!

Create a journal for your nature notes and continue to add them when you’re both in the mood. Here are ten more activities to foster a love of nature in your preschooler.

Eat Out

What better way to appreciate the garden than to dine al fresco or enjoy a picnic lunch in the garden? You can take it to the next level by eating things you GROW in the garden, or you can eat the kinds of things you’d like to grow and discuss where you could grow your delicious vegetables.

Personal Patch

Nothing loves children under five more than offering them a bit of independence, and their garden bed is the perfect way to do it. Help them prepare their bed well and choose plants to grow. Have a daily watering ritual to ensure the best results. You could even make plant markers to label what’s growing where.

Composting and Worms

Introduce a composting system if you don’t already have one (your local council can often help you with this) and grow dirty and good digging stuff in your garden. This is a great way to help kids understand the importance of reducing waste, recycling, and nurturing the squirming worm friends!

Stay Safe in the Garden.

  • To keep your kid safe in the garden, remember to supervise them at all terms and be aware of any hazards or escape paths.
  • Keep chemicals put away.
  • Wash your hands after gardening.
  • Avoid using potting mix unless you are wearing gloves and a mask.
  • Ensure children are closely supervised when near buckets of water, ponds, or swimming pools.
  • Wear sunscreen, smart sun clothing, and hats.

Take the bubble wrap and write random words and numbers on each bubble. Do not reprise an alphabet or a digit. You can use colored ink to make things more interesting.

Now sit down with your child and pronounce an alphabet or a number. Your kid’s task will be to find that bubble with that alphabet or numeral and pop it.

Fun with a DIY Sensory Box

Sensory boxes are great learning tools and are loved by children worldwide. They improve children’s awful motor skills, language, memory, and other areas. This DIY sensory box will enhance your child’s sensory skills.

Using scissors, cut two large round holes (about the size of the bottom of a drinking glass), so your child can reach and search for items inside the box. Now put different types of whole fruits inside the box: banana, apple, grape, orange, guava, etc., and close the box.

During the activity, when you name a fruit, your child’s job will be to reach the box through those holes and find the correct fruit by touching them. This will help your child identify fruits by touch, not sight.

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