5 Tips for Decorating your Bedroom

Written by Bilal Munsif

To create a space dedicated to relaxation and intimacy and to maintain a warm and serene atmosphere in the bedroom, our decoration experts reveal 5 practical tips for decorating your bedroom.

4 basic rules for decorating your bedroom

Before getting interested in small decoration, here are 4 basic rules to follow:

  • The color of the walls: to create a haven of peace conducive to relaxation, choose calm and subdued colors such as white, beige, or greige. Forest green for a large bedroom, shades of white to enlarge a space, or terracotta tones for a warm bedroom. More on choosing wall colors in your bedroom.
  • The choice of furniture: favor natural materials, such as wood and rattan, when choosing your furniture. Spacious wardrobe with mirrors to create an illusion of space, bedside table with a designer lamp for a cocooning morning, and a large bamboo or oak bed for sweet nights.
  • The mattress: choose the size of your bed according to the size of your room. If you have enough space, opt for a double bed. Then buy a mattress that suits your needs. In foam to follow the natural curves of the spine or in latex for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • The lighting of the room: accumulate the light points to create a subdued atmosphere. From the ceiling, hang a pendant lamp to light up the entire space, then add a bedside lamp or a wall lamp and complete with a light garland for a cozy bedroom!

5 decorative tips for furnishing a small bedroom

Furnishing a small bedroom is not an easy thing, but it is possible to make it a real cocoon. How to go about decorating your room?

  1. Give preference to light colors which tend to enlarge the room visually.
  2. Add colorful accessories if you want to bring some joy to your room
  3. Choose the size of your bed according to the size of your room: a bed that is too big will darken your room and take up all the space. If you’re short on space, choose a bed with storage.
  4. Opt for wardrobes with sliding doors and add mirrors. In this way, you gain space and enlarge the room thanks to a subtle play of light.
  5. Regularly tidy up your room and use appropriate storage to save space and light.

Make your bedroom a warm cocoon

  • Add a soft rug and cotton gas or linen bedding.
  • Then accumulate a few purifying plants to bring fresh air to your room.
  • If your room seems small to you, hang mirrors on the wall: they will give an impression of perspective and bring more light.
  • Decorate your walls with posters or photos, dream catchers or macrame hangings, a clock or a shelf to make the room reflect your personality.

Create a Feng Shui bedroom in 3 steps

Want more harmony in your bedroom? Opt for the art of Feng Shui. This thousand-year-old art, which appeared in ancient China and translated as wind and water, is based on the principle that the way our interior is arranged can have an impact on our life. Here are our tips for decorating your Feng Shui room:

  • Your bed must be placed in such a way as not to cut the trajectory of Chi, and prevent a serene and peaceful sleep.
  • Tidy your room to circulate the Chi. Clean the space every day and don’t leave anything lying around under your bed.
  • For the bedroom, favor soft colors like pink, symbolizing sensuality and sensitivity.

What style for your bedroom?

The style of your room should match your tastes and desires. As soon as you walk through the door, you should feel comfortable and serene. Focus on 4 styles of layout and decoration.

The Scandinavian style

This style is characterized by soft colors, wooden furniture, and small warm decoration like a looped wool carpet. Go for models at Homary!

The classic style

It stands out with elegant materials, such as velvet and satin, mirrors and mood candles, and soft colors such as beige and gray, in combination with burgundy.

The bohemian style

Boho invites itself into the rooms with natural materials and earthy tones: objects from elsewhere.

The ethnic style

The ethnic unveils a real mix of world cultures, it is a commemoration of travels, colorful patterns, and natural materials.

The glamorous style

This style offers a room with dark colors like powder pink or bottle green that blend brilliantly with brass accessories.

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