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You probably declutter a few times a year by Dhobi London dry cleaning away seasonal attire. A appropriate place to keep your dry-cleaning garments is essential if you want them to be ready to wear when the time comes. Let’s talk about some ways to preserve your dry-cleaned clothes when you’re not wearing them.

Preserve your dry cleaning by having it delivered to you before putting it away for storage.

Soiled items of clothes should never be put away. For one, clothes that have been stored for a long period may have gotten dirty or smelly, making them more difficult to clean before being worn again. Moreover, the odours and stains could cause pests to show up. As a result, you can have an insect infestation and your garments will get holes in them. Thus, at the conclusion of the season, call a dry cleaning delivery service to revive your wardrobe. Your next step will be to put it away safely after you receive it back.

It’s best to choose a climate-controlled facility for your belongings.

After that, plan out a spot to keep all of your garments. Unless your attic is well-insulated and has a stable temperature and humidity level, it is not a good place to store clothing. Instead, select a room that is kept at a constant temperature. Choose a place with low light levels to prevent your clothes from fading in the sun.

Many people have a second closet or use the space under their bed to keep clothing. If you have a spare bedroom, you can put seasonal items in the closet there. Then, your garments will have the necessary insulation for the cold or the air conditioning for the heat.

Pick What to Hang and What to Fold

The next step is to sort your clothes into those that can be hung and those that need to be folded. Fold items that can be stretched out flat. Those that wear knits or sweaters fall under this category.

However, wrinkled clothing should be hung up to dry. To maintain the garments’ wrinkle-free condition after receiving them from a dry-cleaning delivery service, simply hang them up to dry cleaning. Dresses, suits, dress shirts, and blouses are all part of this category.

Folding Clothes for Storage

Cardboard boxes are frequently used for storing folded garments. However, pests are attracted to cardboard, so you may find an infestation when you retrieve your stored garments. In addition, cardboard is not waterproof. That’s why a cardboard box isn’t the best place to keep your clothes safe, as a leak could destroy them.

Instead, you should use plastic storage bins. After that, put a sheet of acid-free tissue paper in between every piece of folded paper. Stack items of clothing atop one another without overfilling the bag. Allow some breathing space for your garments. In addition, stack your lighter items on top of your heavier ones. As a bonus, this will allow the garments to breathe while they are being stored.

Hanging garments for storage

A hanger is the next step in organizing your closet. Clothes dry cleaning should be hung on thick, wooden or padded hangers. Garments should be hung up and then placed in garment bags for storage and protection. Don’t put your clothes in plastic bags. Placing your garments in plastic prevents them from breathing. Fabric clothes bags made of cotton are preferable. The material offers modest protection to garments while allowing for free airflow.

Clearly Mark Your Clothes

Labeling containers before storing clothing is a must. Then, if you need something, you can go straight to where it is stored instead of having to rummage through boxes.

Let’s pretend, for the sake of argument, that you desire a sweater because it’s chilly outside on a day in the spring when that’s not normally the case. Having it labelled will save you time because you just need to look in one box rather than five or six to find what you need.

The exterior of the boxes can be labelled with a marker or labels can be printed out using a label machine.

Do not just label the boxes, but also the garment bags. Make sure you know what’s inside each clothes bag by labelling them. As a result, you won’t have to lug about heavy suitcases as you rummage for what you need. You can then search for an article of clothes without having to worry about rehanging the articles.

Use Cedar Blocks to Preserve Your Clothes dry cleaning

Mothballs were traditionally used to prevent damage to stored garments. However, a large number of people have stopped engaging in this behaviour. To begin with, mothballs are hazardous and should be kept away from children and animals. They are not only unpleasant to look at, but to smell, as well. You should avoid putting on clothes that smell like mothballs at all costs. That’s not how you make a good first impression.

Rather, stock the closet with cedar blocks. You can use these blocks to keep insects at bay and maintain a clean, pleasant scent in your laundry service. Cedar blocks can be used repeatedly without replacing them; all they need in between seasons is a good sanding and re-oiling. Maintaining the cedar blocks in this manner at least once every three years will maximise their useful life.

Dresses for the wedding?

Wedding dresses are unique among garments. The first step is to get your dress preserved professionally. The business will also handle the dry washing and storing of your wedding dress. The gown will be returned to you in its original box. Keep it in a cool, dark spot out of the direct rays of the sun.

Start with a Service That Brings Your Dry Cleaning to You

There is a local dry cleaning delivery service that can take care of anything from bridal dresses to business attire. Put in your zip code on the page to get started. Then you can get a quote for on-demand dry cleaning service pickup and delivery. The pricing here will pleasantly surprise you. The low price of the service is in part due to the fact that you are not charged extra for pickup or delivery. That’s costless, thus using this service will save you a tone of money.

When you schedule a pickup and delivery, the provider will clean and return your clothes. Then, follow these guidelines for storing your dry-cleaned clothing until the following season.

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