Are You Among Us?

are you among us
Written by Bilal Munsif

If the question above surprises you, chances are you are either from the Gen-X, or are just unaware of the multiplayer game ‘Among Us.’ The game has taken the world by a storm. Currently, it has also hit a whopping 100 million players, and the number is only increasing with time. The Among Us memes have also been doing the rounds in the media for months now.

Among Us is popular online multiplayer game, both created as well as published by Innersloth, a game studio of American origin. You know what’s surprising? It was released on Android and iOS in June 2018. However, it was in during the Covid-19-induced lockdown that the game garnered massive attention. It has been tremendously popular on PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile. It is soon to hit the gaming consoles such as Among Us PS4, PS5, and XBox. Some people confuse it with ‘The Wolf Among Us 2’,but the two are different games.

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The Plot of the Game…

Among Us takes inspiration from ‘Mafia’, that has a party theme, and ‘The Thing’ that follows the science-fiction and horror genres. It is set on a spaceship wherein an imposter (sometimes even more) tries to discreetly kill the other crewmembers.

The premise of the multiplayer game is quite simple: four to ten crewmates take off on a spaceship. Every player in the game gets to be either the imposter, or a crew member. While the crewmates need to follow through with the tasks assigned to them, the imposters stealthily work on sabotaging their operations, and killing one crew member after another.

Every time a crew member dies, voting takes place. Each crewmate guesses the impostor whereas the dead body travels as the ghost. The mate with the bulk votes is ‘voted off’ and leaves the sport. In case, he was the actual impostor, the crewmates win. If the crew members end up voting out a genuine member, the game continues till either of the parties win. You will see the same plot in Among Us PS4.

Popular Terms

Two words that have become incredibly popular, especially in the Among Us memes are: ‘sus’ and ‘vent.’ ‘Sus’ is short for ‘suspect’ that refers to the member you suspect to be the actual imposter. Impostors can only pass the vents, and doing that is known as ‘venting’ in the game.

Enough about the plot of the game, let’s get down to business.

When will Among Us PS4 Launch?

All the gaming enthusiasts who equally love Among Us are desperately waiting for Among Us PS4. The good news is that the Innersloth developers have assured the fans of its release for PS4 as well as PS5 consoles in 2021. The bad news? Well, there is one. The month of July 2021 is ending, but Among Us PS4 and PS5 has not released yet.

Similar to this query is another one explained below…

Is Among Us on Xbox?

The answer would again be a resounding ‘NO!’ But, there is nothing to cry about. An official Xbox Wire blog-post mentions that later this year, Xbox consoles too would be lucky enough to join the Among Us bandwagon. Fingers crossed for the releases to happen soon. Meanwhile, go ahead and have a blast playing the game your phone, Nintendo Switch and even PC. What’s even better is that you can ask your friends and family to join in on the fun, and have a ball together. Take the excitement up a notch by creating some rad Among Us memes online, and sharing them. Download now

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