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Written by Bilal Munsif

Today, almost everyone utilizes the latest solutions available on their devices to satisfy their daily purposes. Out of the numerous categories of apps, marketplace platforms gained the maximum attention of users and are currently on a high roll. It includes many contenders in the super app segment, like Gojek, Snapp, Hugo, Rappi, etc. 

Gojek, amongst all those, earned intense popularity. The company received humongous downloads and 38 million Monthly Active Users, according to a 2020 report. There are many reasons behind an organization earning such fame; one of them is its social media promotions by following unique marketing strategies.

If you, as a startup owner, are motivated to earn such popularity among users by creating a Gojek like platform through IT firms. Here are some tips for performing effective social media promotions of your Gojek similar multi-service solution and gaining several perks of the same are given in this post. Reading those sections will likely help you in expanding your venture considerably.

How To Socially Market An App Like Gojek?

When you have received a Gojek similar platform for enterprise ready, then you should promote it through social apps for attracting new customers to use it. If you are clueless about it, then you should follow the certain guidelines stated below: 

Know Your Target Audience

Before initiating the promotions of your solution, you need to identify the targeted potential users by performing several activities. It includes doing thorough sector analysis, surveying the users’ preferences, listing out the various ongoing trends; and through numerous activities, you can gain an idea of your potential user base and prepare content accordingly. 

Select The Specific Social Apps For Promotions

Choose certain social platforms to utilize them for marketing your venture. You can decide on the basis of which category of users are active on specific social apps. Focus on your targeted audience, and analyze their usage of particular social solutions. The social media on which your targeted audience stays active mostly are the ones on which you should post your content. It will help your enterprise convert more potential customers into real consumers from social applications. 

Recognize The Rivals

Identifying your competitors will assist you in gaining an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, you can know about the preferences of users in a particular industry and grab the scope to elevate your business higher in a specific vertical significantly. Suppose your rival is ruling on Instagram and is less active on other platforms. Then you should upload your content on such social apps where you have minimal competition with your rivals, and the users are underserve.  

Prepare Distinct and Appealing Content

You already know that there are tons of people across the globe using social media. It may be possible that some of the users following your organization might have visited your competitor’s profiles. Hence, preparing unique content about your venture might generate a buzz among users for utilizing your solution, like Gojek, to fulfill their purposes. In addition, to fetch new consumers to your business, you must make the content according to the latest ongoing trends on social platforms.

Schedule It

When the content is ready, you should now organize uploading it throughout the specific period by targeting the particular day and date for it. Doing it manually demands a lot of toil from you, right? So to avoid it, you can use some tools available in the market for scheduling your posts on various social platforms by setting certain days and dates on them. 

Thus, follow the guidelines mentioned above to promote your multi-service enterprise effectively on social media before you create Gojek app clone by contacting the technological firms to run a marketplace venture online. Now, several perks you can receive from marketing your business utilizing social solutions are discuss in the section below.

Benefits of Social Media Promotions

Undoubtedly, there are endless advantages your enterprise can get by using social apps. Some of them are mentioned here. Reading them will motivate you and convince you that promoting a platform like Gojek socially is propitious that will help your venture achieve a significant rise in a segment.

Better Visibility of Your Business

You might be aware of the reality that there is a large pool of users present on social media, and marketing Gojek similar solution on it would make users know about your enterprise. In this way, by staying socially active, you can increase the visibility of your venture and can probably turn into a reputed brand among customers.

Improved Customer Serviceability

Customer service can enhance to a great level by using social apps for promoting business. Utilizing email marketing and social media as consumer care can show wonders; it can done by resolving the problems of your customers by replying to them socially. Your Gojek similar app can gain the trust of users and retain them significantly by providing them solutions to their issues through immediate responses.

Receive Feedbacks To Fix Issues

Knowing the users’ actual problems can help you clear the existent glitches in your platform. It can done by offering freebies like polls, asking open questions, etc. Gathering all such information from users and studying their preferences in this way can assist you to work on improving the overall performance of your solution similar to Gojek.

So, you might have come to the conclusion of utilizing social apps to promote your platform similar to Gojek, by viewing the above-stated positives. It would also be an appropriate move, as a culture of marketing venture socially can receive more leads of customers.

Bottom Line:

By witnessing the immense popularity earn by an Indonesian giant through its several social strategies, if you, as a startup owner, are motivate to market your application similar to Gojek socially, then here are some tips and benefits of the same mention. Referring to them would assist you in promoting your enterprise effectively on social platforms and will give you supporting reasons to perform marketing through social media.

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