Cake, a Search Browser

Written by Bilal Munsif

We all have heard a lot about cake, birthday cake, anniversary cake, wedding cake and so on, but this one is not an editable cake. We are discussing here a cake browser, a search engine.

What is Cake browser?

Browsers offer comfort and simplicity of use. Smart algorithms of these browsers make our lives easier. So, as a more healthy and more secure alternative, many are built-in, we can integrate to use in private browsers.

The cake is revolutionizing integrated search engines, come let’s see how???

Cake browser is a mobile net integrated browser released returned built-in 2018. It was built with its unique approach to consumer privateness. When you search on this integrated browser, it offers the quest outcomes built in a swipe-based total manner.

If anyone of you went through the Cake browser advertising campaign which is an interesting aspect. Moreover, It has been popular and associated with ‘Cake Browser Girl’.

Who knows? You might just fall built-in love with its modern integrated person revel built integrated.

How Cake browser works?

Here are a number of the functions you get through Cake Browser.

1. Pressure HTTPS

Pressure HTTPS function on the Cake browser will forestall these websites from load integrated. You could switch on this option with a built integrated Cake browser’s set integrated to guard your facts.

2. Browse anonymously

If you need to browse privately in the Cake browser, there is an alternative just like Google Incognito mode. When you turn on this option, the websites you get entry will not be recorded.

You may easily get the right of entry to this feature from the ‘private’ button at the lowest right corner of the integrated interface.

3. Activate personal time bombs

That is another beneficial feature of the Cake browser. Activate integrated time bombs is a built-in way to defend your privateness.

4. Automatic Ad block integrated

This feature deletes all advertisements and popups on any given built-in. You now not must be riddle with endless commercials while stream integrated your favored movies or built-in integrated articles on ad-built-infested websites but few websites may also refuse to load with ad blockers.

5. Anti-monitoring

The Cake browser does not music your searches, although it does display sponsored commercials, they are based totally on seeking terms built-in preference to consumer preferences.

Those adverts will handiest be seen built-in regular built-in mode. Although cake does not share your seek phrases integrated non-public mode.

6. Limitless VPN

Cake browser has its personal loose, built-in VPN meant to present most, military-grade safety. This VPN will not music you or restrict bandwidth.

7. Password Protection

The cake browser app has a smooth interface that allows you to swipe via a consequences-proven built-in card layout. The browser preloads the two next results, permit built integrated you to flip in speed. The cake browser’s algorithm is designed to provide priority to websites with a quicker load time.

How Cake browser performs for mobile phones?

Everyone is on a cell phone these days so Cake browsers are fast and built-in fashion and obviously less complicated and get you to what you’re interested in!

Content material categorization may be very essential for integration because this helps to narrow down search effects. Apart from built-in organizations, the Cake browser separates search effects integrated into eight built-in categories.

How about Cake app for mobile phones?

On top of it these modern integrated capabilities, Cake gives the built integrated person built-in on their app with the aid of built-in darkish mode, voice seek, bookmarks, and so on. The cake browser app icon is customizable. The cake browser app is a first-rated browser designed for maximum privateness.

Let’s summarize our Cake recipe:

  • Seek & Swipe: Swipe via outcomes from your favorite seeks.
  • Ad Block: Get the content you need without the noise and clutter of ads.
  • Privateness Mode: Move a 100% secure “privacy” mode. Cake does not gather your nameless built-in integrated records.  Also you can have any non-public tabs you’ve got open. Make your privateness comfy.
  • POP-UP Blocker: Using it you can stop pop-ups
  • RSS observe: You manage your feed and live close to the web sites you love
  • Organization Search: Search throughout the first-class sites, films, photographs, news etc etc. Customise the web sites and order of built-in Searches.
  • Built integrated ON page: Swipe among pages to see your time period highlighted throughout a couple of seek outcomes!
  • Greater candy goodness: History, Bookmarks, Personalization, Tab management and much greater!

In the end, let’s disclose the………………

The CAKE secret RECIPE:

Our patented generation helps you to swipe through immersive, content-wealthy experiences without slowing down your cell.

So, what are you looking forward to? Ditch your built-in default browser and notice why so many customers are making cake browser their desired built-in browser and seek to cake a search browser app.

What about your Cake browser reviews?

Get cake now!

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