The 7 most serious Environmental problems

serious Environmental problems
Written by Bilal Munsif

The problems of the environment are those that hinder it possible to enjoy the human right to a healthy environment. Curiously, the human being himself, promoting soil contamination or destroying habitats, is the one who is hindering this right from being effective. Do not forget!

Environmental problems threaten our planet and the entire current and future population. Without water and clean air, sufficient food or ecosystems rich in biodiversity, is it possible to guarantee their social rights?

Knowing the most serious environmental problems can help us to be aware that every little gesture matters.

1. Environmental problems on the lungs of the planet: forests disappear due to deforestation

During the last years we have witnessed a progressive destruction of forests or deforestation. In many countries deforestation is the consequence of unsustainable agriculture and logging.

2. Drought and water scarcity: environmental problems in the world affect natural resources

Did you know…?

  • 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water.
  • But 97.5% of seawater is not suitable for human consumption.

On the other hand, the demand for water is growing and is expected to increase by 55% until 2050.

Additionally, we find the problem of water quality, which makes it one of the most precious assets.

In fact, bad water is the cause of deadly diseases that mainly affect boys and girls. For example, diarrhea accounts for 40% of infant deaths in an emergency. Almost half of these deaths could be prevented with the simple gesture of washing your hands. At Oxfam Intermón we have committed ourselves to this problem, and one of our main concerns is that these children have access to clean water.

So far, we have managed to get more than 90,000 minors to access it (if you want more information, you can see how we do it at )! But it’s not enough…

As you can see, it is vital to become aware of the importance of caring for this resource, reducing water consumption and recycling. And it is in our hands! We offer you numerous tips in our free guides, get them!

3. Abusive consumption: your waste aggravates global environmental problems

Based on Eurostat data during 2014, waste generated in the European Union, by companies and households amounted to 2,503 million tons, which is the highest figure that has been recorded in the European Union during the period of 2004 to 2014.

In this sense recycling is essential. Stick with these ideas:

  • It is a way to reduce waste.
  • It allows avoiding the use of more raw materials.
  • Helps to reduce the effect on the natural environment.

4. Environmental problems also harm your health: pollution of the air you breathe

Didn’t you know yet? The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that there is a close relationship between respiratory and cardiovascular health and levels of air pollution : with low levels of this type of pollution, your health will be better.

The pollution of the air we breathe by gas emissions is one of the environmental problems  worrying. Currently:

  • China is the most polluting country in terms of CO2 emissions since it emits 10.64 kilotons.
  • Followed by the United States, with 5.17.

Based on data from the Association of Collective Urban Transport Management Companies (ATUC), the use of public transport avoids the emission of up to 5 million tons of CO2 per year, so with simple gestures such as the use of transport public or electric cars, we can contribute to having a better air. You know, from now on …  bus, subway or bicycle to help mitigate one of the environmental problems that is harming your health.

5. One of the most serious environmental problems: climate change

Nature warns us every year that something is changing. And we must listen to it. Based on data from the European Union, the increase in temperature causes:

  • Deforestation.
  • Destruction of natural habitats.
  • Thaw of the poles.
  • Extreme temperatures.
  • Meteorological phenomena such as typhoons or hurricanes.

It is not only seen on television, it is a reality. Images do not need captions!

The climate change is one of the problems of the environment more dangerous. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reminds us that this phenomenon prevents sustainable development , is an obstacle to ending poverty and puts food security at risk

6. Pollution of the sea: the problems of the environment and your diet

The pollution of the sea is due, among other reasons, to the use of toxic substances from industry, pesticides used in agriculture or oil spill. This is a serious problem that can be transferred to our own food chain. You imagine how, right?

7. Environmental problems put biodiversity at risk: danger of species extinction

Everything that happens in the environment is related, and the extinction of species is one of the consequences of all the problems that we have described above.

The increase in endangered species and the reduction of biodiversity are two issues that should concern us, although we still have time to do our part to minimize them or, in some cases, reverse the trend by reaching solutions for these species in danger.

Living in harmony with nature and leaving our sons and daughters a healthy planet should be the objectives of our day to day. It is not enough to be scared when we see an oil spill on television: it is important to act and raise awareness. Do you think the planet can wait?

Some of the ways in which you can contribute to solving environmental problems and curbing climate change and reducing the footprint of human beings on the Earth, are saving energy, recycling waste or taking care of water consumption or of light from your home. Do we get into action?

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