Ford F-150 Lightning Pro, the new electric truck for the world of work

F-150 Lightning electric pickup
Written by Bilal Munsif

A few days ago, Vado debuted its new F-150 Lightning electric pickup. At the time of filing, the automaker had announced that it would make a variant of the vehicle explicitly available, designed for the world of work. Now the builder has shared a few more details. This specific model is called “Ford F-150 Lightning Pro “.


Hence, this truck becomes part of the automaker’s line of commercial vehicles. The base is that of the F-150 Lightning. And there are no particular differences from the point of view of Technical Specifications. It will only be offered in a 4-door version with a 1.7 meter long body and in the “Standard Range Battery” and “Extended Range Battery” variants. Therefore, with the smaller capacity battery, the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro will be able to travel up to 370 km. Which will rise to 482 km with the larger battery.

Also in this case no details were shared about the actual capacity of the accumulators. Nothing changes even in terms of engines. The configuration always foresees the scheme with two motors, one per axis. In this way it is possible to have all-wheel drive. With the smallest battery, the available power is 318 kW, the largest being 420 kW. The torque is always 1,051 Nm.

In terms of mechanics, therefore, nothing changes. There is also the large front trunk and the many holds that allow you to power external electrical devices. For the world of work, being able to operate electrical devices by powering them directly from the vehicle is undoubtedly an important feature. Inside the cabin, there are some differences. The most important thing refers to the infotainment, always on the SYNC 4 platform (more details HERE), which can count on a 12-inch screen and no longer the 15.5-inch one. However, the biggest difference to the F-150 Lightning lies in the level of software.

In fact, this “Pro” version includes the platform expressly designed by Ford for commercial vehicles. In this way, fleet owners or managers will be able to monitor the location, state of charge and efficiency of their vehicles. The new Ford F-150 Lightning Pro is available for pre-order now with availability in spring 2022. Speaking of pricing, the standard battery model starts at $ 39,974 with the Ford 32A mobile charger and the extended battery model at $ 49,974 with the Ford Charge Station Pro 80A.

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