How does Discord Make Money?

Written by Bilal Munsif

Have you wondered what is Discord and how Discord makes money? No need to worry about it, now, here every information is provided. As with most of the social media platforms Discord provides the social interaction medium to people. It is a unique platform that allows a game player to connect with other players in real-time via text and voice chat.

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Discord was basically designed to fulfill the needs of gamers and their communication. But it is no longer a gamer medium now, anyone can use it. This app is providing services to users for free and without displaying any ads.The model of this app is very similar to other social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others. But it having some basic services which are free for users while some other features are premium for users. Like chat rooms in other apps Discord Servers provide users to chat in groups while people can chat individually as well in private messages.

The basic structure of Discord is known to most people. Here the business model of Discord is the main concern to discuss that how does Discord make money?

How does Discord make Money? 

How does Discord make money

Like every social medium, Discord uses a business model to make money. As its core niche is gaming so it expands its business model around the games. The main features of the Discord business model include:

  1. Discord Nitro
  2. Game Store
  3. Merchandise Store
  4. Cosmetic Items
  5. Funds & Investments

1. Discord Nitro

Nitro (or Discord Nitro) is a paid subscription that offers benefits to gamers to subscribe to different items for their games. There are monthly and yearly subscriptions. The premium yearly subscriptions are bestselling in this regard. Nitro offers its subscribers the following benefits:

  • Global custom Emojis
  • Custom tags
  • Animated GIFs
  • Limit Boosters
  • Higher quality videos

All these services of Nitro provide gamers the ease and fresh ambiance in the game. Discord Nitro and can make a hefty amount by it from the registration of users all across the world.

2. Game Store

Discord has its own gaming store like Google Playstore and Apple Store. It provides selling of games there. In the store, you can read this statement at the time of registration

“Set up shop in your server, find your fans, and build your own kingdom. Connect with 250 million gamers and sell directly to your super fans.”

 After selling games it can provide a support system to its customers. This is long term relation as gamers buy monthly subscriptions and support systems.

3. Merchandise Store

Discord Merchandise Store allows selling the customized items like t-shirts, hoodies, caps, etc. It designs all these items according to the characteristics of particular games. People will love to buy their favorite games’ customized items. They will love to pay more for their favorite character’s pictures on the customized item and in a particular pose.

4. Cosmetic Items

Cosmetic items of Discord are sticker packs, sound packs, or even skins mainly for vanity reasons or for an improved experience. Stickers are quite a popular item on any other social medium. People love to pay for these stickers and sound packs to express their performance with specialized effects. Skins are basically giving the template of theme or background which can be used on your screens. They are hot selling items on Discord.

5. Funds and Investment  

Discord receives annual funds and investments from different investors to upgrade it eventually. Investors invest in different gaming programs. People are giving funds to it to improve its productivity and launch different programs under its umbrella. The main investors are Tencent, Spark Capital, Benchmark, Index Ventures, General Catalyst, Accel, and many others.


The Discord was designed to provide a social platform to gamers as skype and other mediums have some limitations in them. But soon after it gains popularity that anyone can join it. To itself updating according to the needs of its user’s Discord launched many business models which can make money to it. The prominent sources of making money in Discord are Discord Nitro, Game store, Merchandise store, cosmetic items, and Funds and Investments. There are many other business models and many other future projects to come up as its upgrading itself according to the latest trends.

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