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Written by Bilal Munsif

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is no longer deniable. The desire to invest in cryptocurrencies has spread throughout the world and has reached the UAE. The good news is that converting AED to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to AED is super easy with cryptocurrency exchanges. If you don’t know how to do so, stay with us in this article. We will explain to you how to convert and vice versa, and we will refer to Bitcoin price in aed.

What is Bitcoin to AED value

Bitcoin to AED is a famous trading pair in UAE-based cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitcoin is the world’s first and best-known cryptocurrency and AED is UAE’s national currency. Therefore, it is logical that btc to aed is found in all cryptocurrency exchanges in UAE.

Cryptocurrency services aren’t limited to exchanges in UAE. The existence of the Bitcoin ATM in Dubai is another useful facility for UAE citizens. A Bitcoin ATM in Dubai lets you buy Bitcoin with AED or change Bitcoin to AED easier than always before.

If you want to buy Bitcoin in UAE or convert Bitcoin price into AED, you may wonder how much is 1 Bitcoin. The Bitcoin price in dollars is $19,000. It means that each unit of Bitcoin is being traded at $19k today. Bitcoin price in UAE is around 70,000 Dirhams (1 btc to aed : 1 btc = 70,000 Dirhams). So, you can buy Bitcoin in return for 70,000 Dirhams or change 1 Bitcoin and receive 70,000 Dirhams.

By the way, you know that Bitcoin can be divided into smaller units. You don’t have to buy a complete unit of Bitcoin. You can transfer any amount of aed you like to the exchange. The exchange will then determine the amount of Bitcoin you can buy considering the Bitcoin price in aed.

The opposite is true about converting Bitcoin to AED. You can easily choose the btc to aed pair and determine the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell. The exchange will show you the AED equivalence based on Bitcoin price in UAE or Bitcoin price in aed at the time of the trade.

Bitcoin price chart

Bitcoin price has had ups and downs in its 13-year-old life. You know that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with price volatility and AED is a national currency with a stable price. Therefore, the Bitcoin to AED rate or the rate of Bitcoin to any other national currency may be different at different times.

As we previously mentioned, Bitcoin is being traded at 19,000 dollars now. It means that the Bitcoin price in UAE is around 70,000 Dirhams (at the time of writing). Considering Bitcoin price in aed, you can buy 0.000014 Bitcoin with 1 AED. 

By the way, this is not Bitcoin’s all-time high. Bitcoin’s price went over 65,000 dollars in November 2021. This is not Bitcoin’s all-time low either. Bitcoin started its journey at $0. Bitcoin’s price today is also proof of this instability. If you had bought Bitcoin at $65k, you might be forced to convert your Bitcoin to AED at a loss today.

This volatility is the reason Bitcoin price prediction is a difficult task. You can see Bitcoin’s price chart below. Bitcoin’s price volatility is obvious in this chart.

How to withdraw AED from Bitcoin ATM in Dubai

A super easy way to convert AED to Bitcoin or Bitcoin to AED is using a Bitcoin ATM in cities like Dubai that have these ATMs. Different cryptocurrency exchanges and agencies have sought to facilitate the process of buying Bitcoin for users. Bitcoin ATMs are the result of these efforts.

About Bitcoin ATMs, we have to explain that these are not connected to traditional banks. Different ATMs have different regulations and many of them don’t require verification. They are fast and easy since they let you convert Dirham to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Dirham in only a few minutes. Therefore, a Bitcoin ATM in Dubai is a fine option for you if you want to buy cryptocurrency in UAE. 

Crypto Desk is an example of a cryptocurrency exchange offering Bitcoin ATMs in Dubai. It is a well-known local cryptocurrency exchange platform allowing users to convert cash to Bitcoin and (cash). Therefore, Crypto Desk is an appropriate choice for those users who want to buy and sell Bitcoin exclusively with cash.

If you want to convert Bitcoin to AED or AED to Bitcoin with cash, you only need to follow the below instructions:

  • Select your crypto in the ATM
  • Check on the terms and conditions
  • Enter your cash limit
  • Provide your phone number
  • Select your withdrawal amount

Select your crypto in the ATM

The first step to convert AED to Bitcoin or Bitcoin to AED using a Bitcoin ATM in Dubai is to select your crypto in the ATM. ATMs may support different cryptocurrencies and they aren’t limited to Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is your cryptocurrency of choice, then select it. If you look for other cryptocurrencies, you should make sure the ATM supports them. 

Check on the terms and conditions

The second step for converting Bitcoin to AED or vice versa is checking on the terms and conditions. We previously mentioned that each ATM may have different regulations. To use an ATM, you must first check its terms and conditions and then agree with them.

Enter your cash limit

The third step for converting AED to Bitcoin or Bitcoin to AED is to enter the cash limit. You know that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are divisible into smaller units. Therefore, you aren’t forced to buy a complete unit of a certain cryptocurrency.

You can enter your desired cash limit and the ATM will show you how much Bitcoin you can buy considering the Bitcoin price in aed. The same is true for converting Bitcoin to AED. You can determine the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell either in Bitcoin or in AED. If you determine the amount in BTC, the ATM will show you the AED equivalence considering the Bitcoin price in UAE.

Provide your phone number

The fourth step for converting Bitcoin to aed or AED to Bitcoin is usually providing a phone number. We again insist that different ATMs may have different terms and conditions.

Select your withdrawal amount

This step is for converting Bitcoin to AED. It is the converse of entering your cash limit. The explanations we provided for entering the amount either in BTC or in AED make sense for converting either.

What is Bitcoin’s future in Dubai?

Investors who want to buy Bitcoin are usually worried about the future of cryptocurrencies. It is also applicable to UAE citizens. It is normal that they are worried about the future of Bitcoin in Dubai and the UAE. If you are among these investors, stay with us in the following parts.

  • The future of Bitcoin in UAE
  • The future of cryptocurrencies in UAE

The future of Bitcoin in UAE

Instead of talking about the future of Bitcoin in UAE, it’s better to talk about the future of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency in general. What is Bitcoin? If you know the answer to this question, a lot of your concerns will fade away.

Bitcoin is the world’s first, largest, and most popular cryptocurrency. We previously mentioned that Bitcoin has had ups and downs in its history, but it has never failed. It is secure, valid, accurate, and most importantly it has the trust of its users. If you know what Bitcoin is and how it works, there is no need to worry.

A more limited aspect is the future of Bitcoin in every country in the world, and here in UAE. As it seems, the future of Bitcoin is bright in the UAE. UAE is doing its best to become a hub for crypto. It is hosting a lot of crypto conferences and its regulations are towards motivating users to invest in crypto. 

The future of cryptocurrencies in UAE

The good news is this hospitality isn’t just limited to Bitcoin. UAE has proven hospitable to cryptocurrencies in general. Real estates in the UAE have begun to accept cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin as payment means. The Central Bank of UAE has also announced that they will release their first central bank digital currency (CBDC) by 2026. This is an important step both for the Central Bank of UAE and for the future of crypto in this country.

What are the best OTC platforms in Dubai for Bitcoin exchange?

Today, a lot of OTC (over-the-counter) platforms exist in Dubai that support cryptocurrencies. You can use these platforms to convert Bitcoin to AED or AED to Bitcoin in the simplest way. We will introduce a number of the best OTC platforms for converting in this part.

  • Crypto Desk
  • Etoro
  • Rain
  • Pallapay
  • Bitoasis

Crypto Desk

Crypto Desk is a well-known UAE-based cryptocurrency exchange platform with a high trading volume and low fees. It lets you change Bitcoin to AED, change AED to Bitcoin, change AED to a number of other cryptocurrencies, and change different cryptocurrencies to each other in a few minutes. Crypto Desk started its work in 2015 and has succeeded to establish its position among UAE-based cryptocurrency exchanges.


eToro is an Israeli exchange and investment company available to the citizens of UAE. It isn’t a local exchange, but an international one. It isn’t based in the UAE. Its headquarters are located in Central Israel, but it gives services to users living in the UAE. eToro has a high trading volume and is among the international options you can consider for converting Bitcoin to AED and vice versa.


Rain is a cryptocurrency exchange located in Bahrain. However, it gives services to a large number of countries in the Middle East. Rain supports a lot of cryptocurrencies and a lot of national currencies including AED. As a result, changing crypto is possible in this exchange.


Pallapay is a cryptocurrency exchange supporting BTC to AED and AED to BTC conversions. It is based in Dubai and therefore is considered a local option. Pallapay started offering cryptocurrency services in Dubai in 2015 and now supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. It also supports cash.


Bitoasis is another cryptocurrency exchange supporting Bitcoin to AED conversions. It is also headquartered in the UAE and is considered a local exchange. 

Popular Bitcoin conversions in UAE

Bitcoin conversion is logically a popular conversion in UAE. However, it isn’t the only popular conversion. According to data, the conversions listed below are the most popular crypto conversions in UAE:

  • BTC to AED
  • BTC to ETH
  • BTC to USDT
  • BTC to PNP
  • BTC to INR
  • BTC to SAR

Ether is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and it’s logical that BTC to ETH is the next popular conversion after BTC to AED. The same is true about the third conversion. Tether is the world’s largest stablecoin and third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. In this list, BTC to USDT is the third most popular conversion after BTC to AED and BTC to ETH.

What is the future prediction of Bitcoin?

In the previous parts, we explained that the best way to make sure about the future of Bitcoin is to answer the question: what is Bitcoin? If you know what Bitcoin is and what technology lies behind it, you’ll find out that it has come to stay.

The best answer to the question of what Bitcoin is a revolutionary electronic form of money based on a safe technology called “blockchain”. Bitcoin’s anonymous founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, had thought of all challenges this electronic money could have and had also thought of solutions for them.

The passage of time has proved the efficiency of these solutions. Of course, Bitcoin isn’t flawless. It suffers from challenges like low scalability and consuming a great amount of energy. It has more scalable rivals today. However, it is still the world’s number 1 cryptocurrency by market cap.

No one can predict the future of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency with 100% certainty. The same is true about predicting Bitcoin’s price. You can use technical analysis to predict the future trend of Bitcoin’s price, but you can never be 100% sure of it. The only solution we have is to rely on the available data. 


Where can I buy Bitcoin in Dubai?

Cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC platforms like Crypto Desk are the best solutions for converting Bitcoin to AED and vice versa. Pay attention that today international options like Binance also support AED and you can use them for crypto conversions.

How to sell Bitcoin in cash?

Selling Bitcoin in cash is possible through OTC (Over-the-Counter) platforms like Crypto Desk. These platforms convert your Bitcoin to aed instantly and give you cash instead.

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Where to find the best Bitcoin price in UAE?

The Bitcoin price in aed may slightly vary in different cryptocurrency exchanges. This difference is due to the different fees these exchanges may require. By checking the Bitcoin price in aed on different platforms and comparing them, you can find the best Btc to AED conversion rate.

Is Bitcoin taxed in Dubai?

No. There is currently no personal income tax in Dubai and the UAE and the same applies to cryptocurrencies.

How to transfer Bitcoin from your wallet?

Go to your wallet, select Bitcoin, press the “send” or “transfer” button, determine the amount, enter the recipient’s address, and click on send. If you want to convert your Bitcoin to AED, you first need to transfer it to a cryptocurrency exchange. Within the exchange’s platform, you can easily change your Bitcoin to AED or any other (crypto)currency you wish.

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