How to Add a Human Element to Your Brand Identity

How to Add a Human Element to Your Brand Identity
Written by Bilal Munsif

Showing the human side of your brand to the viewers will help you instill initial trust among them which is vital to develop a strong brand-customer relationship. Researches show that brand trust is among the top three factors, other than price, that affect consumers’ buying decision. Creating an emotional connection with your audience is the best way to make a long-lasting impression. It will help you create a recognizable brand and improve your brand perception so you can have an edge over other brands.

Customers don’t like brands that are there to sell their products and make a profit, they rather fall for businesses that have a human element and care for their customers. They like businesses that value their customers and make efforts to engage with them and provide more value for their time and money. Failing to create an emotional connection with customers and prospects is the precise reason why some businesses fail to win their buyers’ trust, despite having good products/services. That means, adding a human touch to your brand is vital for promoting trust among customers to run a successful business.

Business brands that have mastered the art are enjoying a great market share and constantly winning more customers. Their logo design, content strategy, and overall marketing and branding strategies are focused more on customers than products, and this customer-centric marketing is paying them great rewards. To make your marketing efforts more successful you should also add a human element to your design and content strategy. Here are some helpful tips for how to humanize your brand.

Consistency is Essential

Being consistent with your brand identity is essential to humanize it and instill trust among your audience. Brand consistency starts with a timeless logo design that stands the test of time and is scalable to adapt to different platforms. You need to design a logo for your brand that speaks for your brand and emotionally connects with your prospects and customers. In case you cannot create your business logo, work with a branding expert and a cheap logo design service like Logo Design Best to create a memorable custom logo design for your business. With a professionally designed corporate logo, you will avoid design mistakes and the need to change your brand symbol frequently.

Designing a memorable and relevant logo is not enough, you need to be consistent across the channels you use for communication with your audience. Your website, social media, business cards, advertising, and all other marketing collaterals have to mirror brand consistency. Consistency across platforms with your business’s unique identity will instill loyalty through recognition and commitment to who you say you are. Your logo is only a single part of your brand, focusing only on the logo will not work for you. So, you need to strive to be consistent in your marketing efforts to create a better customer experience and build credibility and brand trust.

Imagine Your Brand as a Person

Imagine your brand as a person in the lives of your audience, such as a friend, a guide, or anyone who plays a vital role in their lives. Once you identify your brand’s personality, translate that personality into your logo, website, and content. Align your brand’s voice with that of this personality and make sure your design strategy is consistent with the characteristics of your brand’s personality. Ensure you are using colors that work well together and are consistent with your brand’s personality because incongruent colors in your logo and web design will automatically harm your brand’s image.

In today’s tech-savvy world, your brand has access to tons of digital platforms and mediums to connect with your audience, however, make sure your tone is relevant to the media you are using for communication. For instance, your customers mainly use social media for entertainment so your posts on social media should be more entertaining and humorous. Similarly, your blog posts should be informative and valuable for the readers. Hence, creating relevant marketing messages across channels is essential to engage customers and add a human element to your brand.

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Personalized Communication across Channels

Today’s audience demands a new level of personalization from businesses, therefore, you need to tailor communications based on your prospects’ and customers’ likes and dislikes. Personalized communication across channels will help you with customer engagement and retention, fostering brand loyalty and brand recognition. So, adapt your marketing message to your audience with the help of a relevant logo design, a usable website, and a customer-centric content strategy. Providing uniform experience and service to your customers across platforms will reflect a human side of your brand and help you build strong relationships with your customers.

A strong brand-customer relationship requires effective communication, therefore, it is important to engage back and forth. Having an attractive brand logo and web design is not enough to engage your audience for long, you rather need to involve your customers in your marketing campaigns. For instance, you can ask questions from your audience, share ideas with them, and may ask them to share content with you. You can provide various platforms to your audience including social media comment sections, forums, and other channels to interact with your brand so you can build a more human-to-human-like relationship with them.

Be Available

Addressing customers’ concerns is not only your customer support team’s responsibility, nor is it just a tip for your upper management, it is rather the job of every individual in your company. Adding a human element to your brand cannot be possible without making every individual in your team available to do it. For instance, your social media management team should not only post content at regular intervals, but they should also respond to customers’ and leads’ comments without delay. Similarly, your customer and lead management team, should check and responds to texts and emails on time.

There are a lot of businesses out there, but very few take the time to humanize their brand for better engagement and build strong brand-customer relationships. However, you can have a winning edge by showing who you are to your audience with a more customer-centric and humanized marketing and branding approach.


Humanizing your brand will help you build trust and foster a lasting connection with your customers. Imagine your brand as a person and keep your brand voice consistent across mediums like logo design, website, and content to add a human element to your brand. Have a scalable and versatile logo, be available to your customers, and offer personalized communication across channels.

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