How to Print Digital Photos at Walmart in 2022

digital photos at walmart
Written by Bilal Munsif

Many Walmart locations host photo processing centers where digital photos can be printed via an on-demand or order system. Standard prints are not difficult to order, and some stores have kiosks for instant printing of 4 x 6-inch sizes. Custom prints are an option, and the menu includes collage, large format, and matte prints.

Walmart Photo Upload

The best way to print digital photos at Walmart is through online upload. Load the image onto the Walmart website and select either store pickup or home delivery. Before uploading photos, you need to download the Walmart Photos app on your phone and create an account or online account.

After setting up your online account, select Photo Loader and select the photos you want to add to your order. Before you decide where and how you will receive your finished photos, pay attention to our pricing structure. The price depends on the number of photos ordered, the size, and the style of the photos. Bulk orders are discounted, and the 1-hour photo option costs significantly more than home delivery or store pickup.

After uploading the photos to your order, inspect each image to confirm the desired size and quantity. Go to the checkout phase to view prices. Then enter your payment information and place your final order. The courier will be shipped directly, but the pickup destination will be the store. Select the nearest store based on your home location for easy pickup.

digital photos at walmart (1)
digital photos at Walmart (1)

In-store printing

Call ahead to make sure the store has a photo processing center before printing at a physical location. Not all stores process photos, but many are equipped for onsite photo printing. There are several ways to print photos in a brick-and-mortar store, each requiring varying amounts of time.

The Walmart Photo Kiosk Instant Print Machine quickly transforms digital photos into 4 x 6-inch prints. Depending on the style of your machine, you can load a memory card from your camera or connect it via a USB cable. If you don’t have access to a printing press, you can print your digital photos at a photo processing center. Some stores are phasing out instant presses, but many remain.

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To print in your store:

  1. Use the mobile app to load your photos and submit your order.
  2. Pay with the app, get photos and receipts, and take photo prints home.
  3. Choose the option for 1-hour pickup or in-store pick up, and visit the store when your order is complete and ready.

Alternate print option

Walmart is convenient for photo printing, and stores are common, so picking up at the store is easy. The store offers custom prints, wallet sizes, and passport photos, but with limited options compared to other more robust printing services. Walgreens and several other popular retailers offer similar printing services with delivery and pickup options.

You need another service if you want your photos printed on large canvas, shirts, metal, or mugs. Many professional printing services offer a wide range of product options. Costco makes canvas prints at reasonable prices. Do some analysis and shop prices before committing to a single service. The loading process often takes a long time. You can always pay to find the best service before investing in the backend.

How Much Does It Cost To Print Pictures At Walmart?

Here’s the list of Walmart’s photo sizes and its prices.

Price of standard digital photo

  • 4” x 6”: $0.09
  • 5” x 7”: $0.59
  • 8” x 10”: $2.84
  • 2.5” x 3.5”: $0.49
  • 4” x 5.3”: $0.09
  • 4” x 4”: $0.18
  • 5” x 5”: $0.58
  • 8” x 8”: $2.84

Mishmosh Print Photos Price

  • 4” x 6”: $0.15
  • 5” x 7”: $0.88
  • 8” x 10”: $2.84

Canva Print Photo Price

  • 11” x 14”: $5.86
  • 12” x 18”: $8.86
  • 16” x 20”: $12.86
  • 20” x 30”: $18.86
  • 24” x 36”: $20.86

Passport Size Photo

  • Flat $7.44.

Boxed Retro Print Price

  • The price for the Boxed Retro Print is $25.96, including a beautiful wooden box and the 25 images however it’s costly but we can use it.


Walmart offers great prices and a good number of different sizes and styles for photo prints.

In most cases, Walmart can meet your photo printing needs, but in some cases, you can print at a professional photo center.

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