Is It Really Possible to Host Yoga Classes Online? How?

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Written by Bilal Munsif

We all have grown up hearing one thing over and over again, and that is, Nothing is Impossible. However, even though we knew about it, we actually understood its meaning two years ago, when our world was confined inside four walls. It was the technology that really taught us nothing is actually impossible. When we all were struggling to find our way, online events made their way into our lives and didn’t leave ever since. 

Talking about what things are possible with the help of technology, we ask what is not. Thanks to technology, the world is now at our fingertips. Hence, asking questions such as whether it is really possible to host yoga classes online is wrong. Yes, hosting online yoga classes is not only possible, but they are as efficient and real as offline classes. 

Online yoga classes have become increasingly popular in recent times, and it is all because of how efficient and seamless they are. They bring international teachers to a student’s screen and vice versa. Also, if we talk about it from a teacher’s point of view, there are several advantages to online yoga classes. One gets to expound their reach abundantly going online and has a lot of scope for growth. 

Hence, if you have always been of the opinion that hosting online yoga classes isn’t possible, you need to change it as soon as possible. It is because hosting yoga classes virtually is not only possible but also easy. 

But how can you conduct your virtual yoga classes? Don’t worry; In this blog, we will talk about it. 

If you wish to go online with your yoga classes, all you need is a stable internet connection and an efficient online platform. But how do you find the right blog, and what are the best options you can choose from? Let us find it in this blog. 

Here are our top choices for online yoga class platforms. 


Mixhubb is a self-managed platform known for hosting all kinds of online events seamlessly and efficiently. One of the best online exhibition platforms, Mixhubb has all the features that one needs to run online yoga classes. Therefore, you can rely blindly on this platform for your online classes. Talking about its features, there is no end to this list. But let us talk about some of the features that would make it easier for you to host your classes online.

Mixhubb offers users a self-managed as well as a customizable interface; it means users get to personalize their platform according to their needs and run and manage them by themselves. Not only this, but to ensure that you deliver the best experiences to your attendees, Mixhubb offers HD video streaming and the best audio quality. Along with it, you get a set of the best audience engagement and interactivity tools. These tools include live chat, 1:1 video calls, surveys, Q&A, polls, and so many more. 

Moving onto the next feature, Mixhubb offers you a full-proof platform, which means your online classes are completely safe with this platform. You don’t have to worry about online threats and security breaches. Along with it, what you get with this platform is the ability and freedom to host live and pre-recorded classes, completely depending on your convenience.

Apart from all these features, you get a free trial with Mixhubb. This platform lets you host events absolutely free of cost for a month. 


One constant name that we have been hearing about since the pandemic happened and online meetings and events came into the picture is Zoom. It is one of the most popular online platforms, which you can use to host all kinds of webinars, meetings, conferences, and events. However, you wouldn’t believe it, but you can use Zoom to host regular online yoga classes. Zoom comes with a simple user-friendly interface making it an easy-to-use platform. Not only this, but with Zoom, you can host your classes very conveniently. It comes with several audience engagements and interactivity features, enabling you to interact with your students in real-time. They can use features such as virtual breakout rooms, live group chat, emoticons, raise a hand feature, and so many more. All these features would enable them to express themselves, put across their queries, and interact with you. 

Zoom comes in free and paid plans; with its free plan, you get to host sessions of up to 40 minutes in length. 

3.Google Meet: 

Moving onto the next online platform one can use for hosting yoga classes online, we have Google Meet in store. A product by the tech tycoon Google, Google Meet is an online conferencing platform. Along with this, it is highly efficient to host online yoga classes. The best thing about this platform is that it is a product of Google. It automatically eliminates doubts about its efficiency, reliability, and security. One of the most user-friendly online platforms, Google Meet is a complete browser-based platform, which does not require any downloads or software installations. All users need to do is access it directly from the web, share the meeting link with the attendees, and host efficient and glitch-free online yoga sessions. 

4.Instagram Live: 

Talking about our next favorite choice of an online platform for hosting yoga classes online, we have Instagram Live. Instagram is the most popular social media platform that lets people connect with others from different corners of the world. Typically used for posting pictures and videos and interacting with people, Instagram also comes with a live feature of its own, known as Instagram Live. It allows users to connect and interact with people in real-time. With this feature, Instagram Live becomes a top choice among users for hosting yoga classes. 

We live in an era highly dominated by the influence of technology, where nothing is actually impossible. The technology these days is efficient and highly advanced, making it completely possible for you to host online yoga classes. All it demands is an efficient online platform and a stable internet connection. Talking of the platforms, you can choose any of the above-given platforms and host immersive and life-like experiences for your students. 

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