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Field services for IT
Written by Bilal Munsif

ERP with Salesforce is the key to growth

The article is about Field Services for IT. A major trend in 2021 could be cloud ERP power and industry-specific components.

SaaS (Software-as-a-service) is the most popular method for improving ERP, and all customers seek out the best solutions.

Many companies offer best-in-class software for field services for IT, construction management, and financing.

Salesforce, which is getting the part to extend the platform to consolidate more ERP functionality. This is another potential SaaS ERP option. In addition to Rootstock and Kenandy for ERP functionality, Salesforce also incorporates the financial management platform Financial Force.

SAP and Oracle are expecting to compete with them. Kenandy is also an awesome ERP for the right clients (manufacturing and industry). FinancialForce is expanding so we can combine the most trustworthy platforms and see that all of their integrations work since all of them use the same toolkit and API.

Use online platforms to Uberize field service delivery

Mobile and desktop platforms are now available to Cape Town and Johannesburg residents for the delivery of some services.

Although Founded in 2009, Acumen Software is an open-source software company that develops software for local governments. A few examples of field services include reporting potholes, monitoring power, and water outages, contacting local authorities, and submitting requests.

Residents can expect to be able to access private services, manage crowdfunding campaigns, and gain access to social events and games soon.

A mobile and electronic platform has launched its first service in Cape Town and Joburg to register 4,000,000 users.

South Africans are empowering to settle issues related to field service delivery through the My City Smart platform. Allowing them to view incidents and events, focus on them, and connect with appropriate field service providers.

Residents could have the power to transform the delivery of field services by putting the power in their hands with this platform. With time, the platform will hire many residents as well as contract workers.

Sappi’s Capitec and Andzani Ventures, known as Acumen Software, received a private equity investment from Imvelo Ventures to facilitate the development and launch of the platform.

Currently, the My Smart City platform is in integration with the City of Cape Town’s call management system; in the future, it will integrate with all city systems to automate resident data flow.

Residents will be able to register and track issues related to them at My Smart City by registering through Acumen Software’s launch center.

The “My Smart City” system is powered by ForceLink, a solution that manages and communicates business-to-business in the mobile domain.

In Johannesburg, City Power manages blackouts and maintains the MyCiTi Bus system infrastructure, while City Power relies on Force Link.

My Smart City, a platform that uses the company’s Forcelink platform backbone, serves as a B2C aggregate platform for the general public. The platform will enable residents, local officials. And city administrators to communicate and collaborate in a controlled and protected environment so that the city can improve its field services.

So the Smart City is an extension of Force Link. Although having the ability to use the software as a service (a saas application) as a field services ERP management solution to scale to small and large businesses was a key requirement in the South African market. Therefore software-as-a-service solutions are typically sponsored by companies that aren’t able to offer the benefits that non-digital options can.

The My Smart City App you can download it from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and the web. For IT-related field services, you can download the Field Engineer App.

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