What are Kraft boxes and what benefits can you get from them

kraft boxes
Written by Bilal Munsif

Why do you need Kraft boxes and what benefits do they offer?

To achieve that goal Kraft boxes play a very vital role in the packaging of all types of products manufactured in different industries. For the past few years it has been a great concern for all companies

and brands how they can reduce the carbon footprint

from the environment that is caused by the packaging of their product.

But along with that, they are concerned that

the alternate options will not affect the safety of the product

and display of the product in the marketplace.

But the advancement of technology makes

it possible for brands and companies to pack their products in

an eco-friendly packaging material and along with

that make sure that the product remains safe in them and display elegantly in the market. 

These boxes have the potential to display and secure your product effectively in the market.

Custom printed Kraft boxes with logo will allow you to make better choices in your brand identity. So people will know them in the crowd of other products.

Wholesale kraft gift boxes with lids help you to present your product

and gift elegantly in the market and on a special occasion for your loved ones.

Viveprinting deals in all type of custom and make sure that our clients will get these at the most reasonable rates.

We have all the facilities and resources that will help our clients

to manufacture the best for the packaging of their products.

What are Kraft Boxes:

Kraft boxes or kraft material is a german word that means strength.

That will add the required strength and durability to kraft boxes.

Natural wood fiber is one of the

It is the combination of different types of sources that have kraft paper material.

The use of sulfur in different quantities adds the required substantial density in kraft packages.

When sulfur is combined with unbleached kraft paper.

it will add another layer of protection to your box without compromising its eco-friendly properties.

The use of bleach helps companies to change the brown color of kraft paper into white. 

Different Material types that can be used for custom printed kraft boxes with logo:

These kraft boxes are very useful in the

packaging of all types of products consisting of different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Viveprinting deals in all kind of custom printed with logo that is used to pack different brand products.

We make sure that our wholesale Kraft gift boxes with lids

serve all the benefits to our clients that they required from these boxes.

  • These boxes are brown in color and very resistant to ripping.
  • Coated kraft boxes are another type of kraft material
  • that is white in color but have all properties of basic unbleached kraft paper.
  • The coated kraft boxes are white in color because of the use of bleach on them.
  • It will provide more options for designing and customization of wholesale kraft gift boxes with lids.
  • That will enhance the presentation of the product in the market.

Benefits of Kraft Boxes:

There are huge list of benefits that comes with kraft boxes for the packaging of your products.

The two main benefits these boxes provide to any

product that is packed inside these custom small kraft packaging boxes wholesale USA.

these boxes will provide the required safety to the product that is packed inside these .

Because they are known because of their strength and can accommodate any nature of the product in them.

Along with that users can increase the layers of safety for your product in these boxes.

You can add inserts in these that will provide extra care to your product during extreme conditions.

Now you can ship your most fragile products

quite easily to any area of this world with the use of products.

Then these boxes will add a premium look to the packaging of your brand.

That will add extra value to the display and presentation of your product.

The more attractive your product look in the market or on the door step of your client.

The more the chances that they will buy it again and again.

Viveprinting has all the facilities that you can use in the manufacturing of perfect customized for your product.

You can add window in these boxes with the help of die-cut technology.

That will enhance the trust level between the client and your brand.

Then you can manufacture smart-size customized boxes for your product in this material according to their requirement.

So these are the main benefits that you can get from these boxes.

Along with that, the material that is used in the manufacturing of these boxes is highly eco-friendly.

That will keep our planet’s environment pollution free.

Different use of kraft boxes:

You can use for the packaging of retail products.

That includes daily usage of products that required

extra care at the time of market placement due to their sensitive nature.

These products not only required protection from physical damage

but also from extensive heat or moisture that is present in the environment.

These have the ability to save them from these extreme conditions.

You can use these boxes to pack sensitive gifts for your loved ones. Because no one wants a broken gift on their doorstep.

Viveprinting manufacture wholesale Kraft gift boxes with lids and

all other types of designs for the packaging of sensitive gift items.

Designing of custom small Kraft packaging boxes wholesale USA:

Viveprinting is one of the best manufacturers of kraft boxes in

the best custom small packaging boxes wholesale USA for the packaging of products.

We make sure our clients will get best from us at reasonable rates.

It is a great worry for many companies to have their logo on these .

Viveprinting uses the latest technology that will help .

us to manufacture the best custom printed kraft boxes with logo for our clients in the USA.

We have the best graphic designers that will help our clients

in developing the best box design for the packaging of their products.

While designing the box they will make sure that it will full fill .

all the requirements of the product and the brand at the same time.

We have an online library as well from where you can choose .

any style and design of kraft boxes for the packaging of your product.

Or you can get inspiration from there for the design of your product boxes. 

Our designers make sure they will choose the best material option in kraft paper that will suit the requirement

of our client and make sure it will fall under the budget of our client.

Because the selection of materials mostly determined the cost of the project as well. That’s why our experts will help our clients in the selection of the best material for the designing

and packaging of their Custom Printed Boxes. So if you have any queries related to the manufacturing of kraft boxes feel free to contact us.

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