Loceryl Nail Lacquer – Simple way to Treat Nail Infection

Loceryl Nail Lacquer
Written by Bilal Munsif

About Loceryl Nail Lacquer

Loceryl Nail Lacquer acts as an antifungal medicine. It is used to treat fungal nail infections. It helps to treat the infection and kills the fungal.

Loceryl Nail Lacquer must be used at the recommended dosage and for the prescribed duration. Common side effects include redness, irritation, skin rash, and blisters. These side effects may last for longer periods of time. Please consult your physician.

Before and after you apply for the medicine, wash your hands thoroughly. Avoid direct contact with the cream/ointment on your eyes. If the cream or ointment comes into direct contact with your eyes, rinse them thoroughly with water and get immediate medical attention.

What is Loceryl Nail Lacquer, and what does it do?

Loceryl Nail Lacquer can be used for fungal nail infections. It is a topically applied antifungal treatment that can clear nail infections. The treatment is applied once to twice weekly to the affected nails. For toenails, treatment takes between 6-12 months.

It contains amorolfine, the active ingredient. You can also order generic amorolfine.

How does it all work?

Fungal nail infection is a condition that affects the nail or its bed. The nail can become thicker or change in color, and it can also cause the nail bed to change shape. Both fingernails and toenails can be affected. However, toenails are more frequently affected.

Loceryl has the antifungal ingredient, amorolfine. Amorolfine is a drug that kills fungal cells, which can help to eliminate the infection. It can take several weeks to clear the nail completely and allow healthy nails to regrow.

Loceryl: What to do?

Use it exactly as your doctor instructed. It can be applied several times per week for several months until the infection is gone.

You should first file the infected area of the nail before you apply the nail lacquer. You can file your nail before each application, but you should not use the same file on healthy nails. This can spread infection. Clean the nail(s), using the swabs.

Dip the applicator in the bottle of lacquer, and then apply the lacquer evenly to the surface of your nail(s). After each use, clean the applicator using the swabs.

Let the lacquer dry for approximately 3 minutes. It is possible to apply cosmetic nail varnish, but you must wait at least 10 minutes. Loceryl should not be used on artificial nails.

You are required to continue using this treatment until the nails get fully healed and the infection has been eliminated.

Uses of loceryl nail varnish in Fungal nail infections

Loceryl Nail Lacquer falls under the umbrella of antifungals. It is effective against a wide range of fungi, including those that can cause nail infections. 

It is very easy to apply and has few side effects. Although it can bring back your finger- and toenails to normal condition.

It is not quick because healthy nails take longer to grow. Keep using it until the nails grow back. This will prevent the infection from returning. Nail varnish should never be applied to the nails you are treating.

Side effects of loceryl nail polish

Most side effects don’t require medical attention. They will go away as your body adjusts. You should consult your doctor if side effects persist or are concerning.

Loceryl side effects

  • Skin blisters
  • Nail disorder
  • Skin irritation
  • Skin rash
  • Erythema (skin redness)

How to use nail lacquer

Your doctor will recommend the dosage and duration of your medication. Make sure you read the label before using it. Trim your nails. Apply the medicine using an applicator brush to the nail and the underside. Allow it to dry for 30 seconds.

How loceryl nail lacquer work

Loceryl Nail Lacquer falls under the umbrella of anti-fungal medicines. It kills many sensitive fungi by blocking the enzymes necessary for fungal growth.

Safety advice


It is not possible to provide information regarding pregnancy and Loceryl Nail Lacquer. Talk to your doctor.


When breastfeeding, it is crucial to use Loceryl Nail Lacquer with care. The mother should not breastfeed until both she and her body are completely free of any drug residue after treatment.

What if you forget to take loceryl nail lacquer?

This is best applied as soon as you can if you’ve missed a dose. You can skip the missed dose if it is near time for the next one. Do not double your dose.


1. How often should you use Loceryl Nail Lacquer?

Loceryl Nail Lacquer is antifungal and contains amorolfine. This medication treats nail fungal infections by applying it to the affected finger and toenails once a week. The doctor may suggest applying it twice weekly.

Make sure to clean the area and dry it well. Even if your symptoms resolve, do not stop the treatment. The type of fungal infection will determine the dosage and duration of treatment.

2. Is Loceryl Nail Lacquer a steroid?

Loceryl Lacquer is not a steroid. This medication can combat a variety of fungal infections that cause diseases. It is applied by rubbing it on the nails to treat fungal infections.

3. Can we use Loceryl Nail Lacquer to treat other areas of our bodies?

The medical advice is to only apply this medicine to the skin and nails, and avoid using it on other body parts like the eye, oral cavity, and intravaginally. Before using the medicine, consult with the doctor. Follow the instructions carefully.

4. Can Loceryl Nail Lacquer cause any local reaction or rashes?

Yes, Nail lacquer can cause allergic reactions. But the likelihood is low. These allergic reactions are rare and likely to only occur in those who are sensitive or vulnerable. If you experience any allergic reactions, immediately contact your doctor.

5. Is Loceryl Nail Lacquer safe to be used in kids?

Infants and children should avoid using Loceryl Lacquer. The reason is that there is not enough evidence to prove the safety and efficacy of the medicine. Talk to your doctor if your child has nail or skin infections, or changes in their nails.

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