New Website Links of Tamil Rockers

New Website Links of Tamil Rockers
Written by Bilal Munsif
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Tamil rockers, a company that promotes Indian music, has today launched a new website. The company had introduced several Tamil rockers to the world. Through its site but with this new website. They aim to reach more people and to provide them with all the information that they can enjoy. All of the features are very user-friendly and anyone can access the links and all the information on the website. Even those who don’t speak much English can access it. As been design is very user-friendly way. Apart from that, the Tamil rockers are all linked to each other. And they have a nice forum where they can discuss everything about their songs.

Download Songs Function

When the Tamil rockers’ new website was launched, several links were already there with the Tamil Rock sites. But some of the links were not working. This was because of the copyright issue. And also because some people had downloaded illegally the videos and songs from the websites. But today, all the copyright issues are sort out and all the links are working. Another great thing that the Tamil rockers’ new website links have been a “Download Songs” function. Where you can easily find and download Tamil songs that you like from this site. At this time, the website does not offer any videos. But you can always download videos from other licensed artists that you like to listen to.


The Tamil rockers’ new website links say that all the songs from the album “Chennai Express” will be available on the first of July, 2009. So, if you want to listen to this album, you have to act fast because this album will get released sooner. There are three reasons why albums that get released in India rarely get released on U.S. stores or iTunes. First of all, Apple or Microsoft needs the album to comply with their rules and regulations, and secondly. The Tamil language isn’t easy for them to translate. And lastly, the audience in India is very passionate about this particular album. And as such, they will not let the album get blocked in India.


In the technology world, there are two leading companies that always seem to be competing for market share: Apple and Microsoft. While they both offer a wide range of products and services, they have distinctly different approaches to doing business. For example, Apple has a closed ecosystem in which all of its products work together seamlessly, while Microsoft offers a more open platform that allows for greater flexibility.

Apple and Microsoft have both blocked music from certain Indian websites for piracy. The problem was that pirated music doesn’t come from legitimate sources. So, Apple asked the various websites to register so that they could play the songs on their iPods instead of listening to them through iTunes. Microsoft, on the other hand, requires you to visit their website and buy an authentic license before they allow you to play the song on your PC. This is the reason why many people tried to download the Tamil song from these legitimate sources only to find that they are being blocked by Apple or Microsoft. tamilrockers new url

To bypass these problems and to download from legitimate websites. The website offers its users a special facility called the ‘Anato Hiimda’. With this facility, a user will be able to access not one but many Tamil rockers’ websites. So even if you do not like one website and do not want to play the song, you can visit some other website. The best thing about this is that you will not have to pay anything at all. Even the domain name you have chosen for your site will be free. You will be offered free servers and bandwidth and no cost at all.

Internet Service Providers

However, there is one drawback of this service – it works only with some ITSPs or Internet Service Providers. The official website of Tamil rockers will only work with the ISPs that are associated with Tamil. If you are outside of the state, you will not be able to use the service. The main source of the problem is probably these ITSPs themselves since they refuse to allow users of free unblock services on their servers. Therefore, to make sure that they don’t lose customers, they also try to close down unblock services that are hosted on their servers.

Despite this setback, the developers believe that the problem will be fixed in time. They have introduced an onion feature within the software that will enable them to detect when any malicious IP address tries to change the URL. This way, you will not have to worry about your recent movie downloads or live feeds being interrupted due to malicious attacks. It is interesting to note that they also have plans to launch a portal for foreign visitors coming to India from all over the world.

I am very sure that all the fans of Tamil movies out there are eagerly waiting for the launch of the new website. One thing is for sure… If you have been using the proxy sites just to watch movies online, you are about to find something much better than Tamil rockers’ new link. You can access not only the latest release movies but also many movies in the olden days and other genres as well.

Conclusion paragraph:

Tamil Rockers website links have been shut down by the government, but new links are appearing every day. The site is a popular piracy site for movies and music, and it is difficult to keep up with all of the new links. The best way to stay safe and avoid downloading copyrighted material from this site is to use a VPN.

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