Purchasing the Right Dog Bed

Written by Bilal Munsif

Where does your dog like to sleep? On your bed or furniture, or does he have his own bed? Is your dog a new puppy or an adult dog? When choosing a dog bed, there are several factors to consider.

When you get a new puppy, of course the size of bed you need will be small. But as he grows, obviously he will need a larger bed. While young, he will need a very durable bed because puppies are known to chew a lot. You could, however, decide to select a larger bed that he could grow into so you don’t have to buy too many dog beds.

What kind of bed

As you begin the process of trying to decide just what kind of bed would be best, here are a couple of suggestions to aide you in your decision.

As your dog sleeps, does he like to stretch out all fours? In selecting a bed for this type of dog who likes to have space, a rectangular shaped or round bed would be the best for him. Measure him as he sleeps and get a bed that is just a little bigger than he is to give him enough room to be comfortable. He won’t want any of his legs or paws extending beyond the bed because it will be uncomfortable for him.

Maybe your dog likes to curl up. This is quite common in the smaller breeds. It helps them keep warm. If this is how your dog sleeps then a round or donut shaped bed Hundebett would create for him just the right space.

Some dogs like to prop themselves against something, so any bed that has a bolster around it should be your goal. Bolster beds can be designed in round beds and rectangular beds.

Dog likes to walk in circleS

If your dog likes to walk in circles to create a ‘nest’ like area, then a pillow soft bed might be just the perfect choice. As he curls up, he will be able to snuggle down inside the pillow.

After evaluating how your dog sleeps, the next thing to consider is the health of your dog. His health will give you an idea if he would be more comfortable on an orthopedic memory foam bed because it would give him more support, or he just might be young and his doesn’t need this extra support. An orthopedic bed is excellent for the larger breeds or an older dog that is suffering from arthritis because it gives maximum support.

Maybe your dog has allergies so an eco-friendly filling may help him. Cedar fillings also help to reduce flea infestation.

A platform bed raises your dog off of the floor and is especially great for his outdoor bed. It keeps the bugs away. In warm weather, this bed also allows air to flow under the bed to keep him cooler. A platform bed also gives extra support to any dog that may need it. You can also put a pillow type bed on top of the platform for extra comfort.

When a dog loves to sleep on the furniture, getting a throw to cover up your furniture maybe what you are looking for. Throws can also be heated so he can be very comfortable when the temperatures drop. Of course, a throw doesn’t always need to be heated if the weather or room is warm. In either case, a throw would cover up your furniture and keep it dog hair free.

Comfortable bed

Next, consider where you want him to have his comfortable bed: indoors, outdoors, in his shelter like his dog house or crate, or while traveling with you in the car. You may need to purchase a couple of beds so you have one in a couple of different places.

If you are providing a place for him indoors, is it important to you to have the dog bed go with your décor or color scheme? There are a variety of styles of dog beds, and many color and fabric choices from which to choose. You may want a bed that is under a table, or next to your chair. Take the placement of the bed into consideration so you can get the right size for your space and for your dog.

Fabrics are important for you to consider. If your dog sheds a lot, an easy care fabric is a microfiber. Try to find a fabric that will last, one that will resist some scratching and/or chewing. Remember, however, there is no perfect fabric and that continuous scratching or chewing can destroy a cover. Some fabrics can be machine washed, and some can be hosed down. If the cover is machine washable, it should be washed once a week to keep it free from dirt and irritants. If you are able to buy replacement covers when you purchase the dog bed, it would be advisable to purchase it because you can have one to clean and one for use. If your dog has the unfortunate problem of incontinence, then you will need to change and clean the cover more frequently. A moisture resistant covering between the bed and the outer Hundebett cover will be necessary to keep the dog bed itself clean.

As you can see, there are many things to take into consideration with making a decision to buy your dog his own bed. You may need to buy one large enough for more than one pet if you have pets that like to sleep together.

Please remember these issues when selecting your dog a bed

  • A good quality will last longer than an inexpensive bed.
  • Consider how your dog sleeps; stretched out or curled up.
  • Does he like a pillow or bolster?
  • Will you need an orthopedic memory form mattresses or a polyester filling?
  • Buy one that will eliminate allergies.
  • Should it be heated or unheated?
  • Will the bed be used indoors on the floor?
  • A throw may meet your needs to cover the furniture.
  • Select one that will be comfortable for his crate or dog house.
  • Decide if you want it to blend with your décor or color scheme.
  • Fabric of choice will depend on the dog and where the bed will be placed.
  • A durable fabric that can be machine washed or hosed down, and will resist scratching and chewing.

The better the quality of dog bed, the longer it will last. The proper choice will provide the best rest and sleep. He will like his very own space.

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian nor do I have any formal training in any medical field. This article is not to replace the advice of your veterinarian. I am only providing options and ideas that you may want to discuss with your veterinarian.

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