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SD-WAN - VMware Workspace Anywhere
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In this article we will discuss about SD-WAn for enhanced digital experiences. With the current SaaS and cloud-based world, which is characterized by numerous interconnected dependencies and third-party vendors, the corporate WAN is not only taking different forms but it is also extending to the point where it is no longer recognizable. In its place, the Internet now directly and only carries a large, if not the majority, of all corporate traffic.

The WAN (SD-WAN) is becoming software-defined as organizations move to web-based environments. During the last few years, SD-WAN has become an interesting topic from multiple perspectives.

As per the most recent information, the SD-WAN tools and software market is about to reach $ 4.6 billion by 2023 as organizations increasingly shift their IT and network services to the cloud.

A new approach to IT surveillance that includes both network visibility and application performance is necessary to ensure SD-WAN meets business expectations.

SD-WAN, a solution for all network requirements

This is the perfect opportunity to invite SD-WAN and launch WAN. The concept of SD-WAN has been out there for quite some time, and its growth will be seen by 2020, when worldwide deals will reach $6 billion, twice what they were in 2016.

Over the past few years, SD-WAN has become increasingly popular for connecting enterprise networks across large geographic areas. Also, many organizations are becoming increasingly interested in SD-WAN, because it can handle various network topologies across a wide area network. Broadband, for instance, traditional MPLS, Internet, broadband, 4G, LTE, and soon, 5G mobile.

[Anywhere workforce] is now available from VMware

We have had to change our working methods for good. Moreover, since organizations have witnessed the benefits of remote work, they need to go beyond supporting remote workers. They need to become truly distributed organizations that can work from anywhere. VMware (NYSE: VMW) is announcing VMware Anywhere Workspace, a solution that people intend to assist organizations in delivering better and more secure experiences for their workers, no matter where they are on the globe. Work is your main concern, not where you do it. As organizations reconsider where and how teams collaborate and grow, they should achieve more than transformation. Furthermore for companies to create digital work cultures – which puts worker experience first, they need to reform their mindsets. Taking advantage of this better approach for working VMware introduced [VMware Anywhere Workspace]. So this will play a significant role in creating more grounded, more engaged, and more resilient organizations.

Introducing VMware Anywhere Workspace

By eliminating the friction between workers and IT systems, VMware Anywhere Workspace lets you leverage the current workforce anywhere. In this way, we can provide a better user experience and a more reliable and powerful security system. All of this with less operating costs and expenses.

In the future of work, VMware Anywhere Workspace lays the foundations and provides the knowledge. Services offered to clients:

  • Optimize the working experience of multimodal workers wherever they are, enabling them to work more intelligently and be more productive. The platform gives them access to superior client experiences and reliable performance anywhere, anytime, and across any network. Furthermore, it enhances how IT can provide services to clients.
  • Provide more comprehensive and more effective protection for the distributed edge. We can access all the applications from any gadget via this method. VMware’s Zero Trust strategy combines endpoint security and network security in a unified approach.
  • Automate your workspace so IT is not just more accessible, more responsive, and more capable, but also more advanced. By doing this, organizations can focus on the outcomes they want instead of the tasks they need to accomplish. Smart processes, compliance, and performance management are at the core of all three.

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Workspaces for Anywhere, anytime, any device

VMware Anywhere Workspace combines the advantages of three innovative solutions in one product:

  • VMware Workspace ONE offers centralized endpoint management, workspace and application virtualization, and a variety of solutions that improve worker experience, productivity, and security.
  • Endpoint security and cloud workloads are provided by VMware Carbon Black Cloud.
  • With VMware SASE, SD-WAN capacities will be consolidated with cloud-delivered security features, including zero-trust network access, firewalls, and cloud security. From a worldwide organization of point of presence (PoPs), for these capabilities we will deliver it as a service.

With more integration points coming in the future, VMware Anywhere Workspace offers interesting integration points between multiple solutions. Here are a few examples:

  • Workspace ONE and Carbon Black Cloud are integrated so that physical and virtual endpoints can be managed and secured together.
  • Although With VMware SD-WAN, telecommute networks, and VMware Secure Access (Workspace ONE, SASE) integrated, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) can be provided across POPs around the world.

The term ‘hybrid workforce’ means that workers can work anywhere, on any network, and any device, without regard to their productivity. The reality is, organizations that depend on a complex set of security practices and technology have trouble meeting this ideal.

An ideal hybrid workforce must be enabled and secured through innovative solutions, practices, and management and production practices. VMware’s new solution is around this offer, which can help the sales rep to become a significant partner for businesses trying to embrace the future of work.

Conclusion paragraph:

\SD-WAN is a great way to improve your digital experience. Have you tried using it yet? If not, what are you waiting for?
The bottom line is that SD-WAN can help improve your online experiences by making them faster and more reliable. And the best part is that it’s not as complicated or expensive as you might think. So if you want to take your business (and your customers’ experiences) to the next level, consider using SD-WAN. Are you convinced yet? If not, check out some of our other blog posts about SD-WAN for more information.

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