Simple TweetyBird Drawing For Kids Easy | Drawing Tutorial

Simple TweetyBird Drawing For Kids Easy | Drawing Tutorial
Written by Bilal Munsif

Drawing For Kids Easy is one of the all-time most recognizable and iconic cartoon characters from the Looney Tunes series.

One of these characters is the cute Tweety Bird, a little canary that Sylvester, the unfortunate cat, is always attempting to catch. Drawing For Kids Easy Tweety Bird has proven incredibly smart, consistently outwitting Sylvester, although hiding behind his lovely voice and features.

Simple TweetyBird Drawing For Kids Easy

He has become a well-known character due to the contrast between his attractiveness and wiliness; thus, learning to draw Tweety Bird may be a lot of fun.

If you share my affection for this adorable cartoon canary, prepare for a fantastic tutorial! Our step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Tweety Bird will demonstrate how to produce artwork that features this animated character.


  • Let’s Start Drawing Tweety Bird and See How It Looks!
  • The first thing most people will likely notice about Tweety Bird is that his head is much bigger than his body.
  • The first step in our tutorial on how to draw Tweety Bird will be to outline his head. To start, draw a broad, circular line across the top of his head. Its height and rounded shape almost give the impression that it is a lightbulb.
  • After that, we’ll sketch his fat cheeks underneath this head. We will use two much smaller curved lines at the base of his skull outline to accomplish this.
  • Since his head will attach to his body, there will be a slight gap between these two lines.
  • Draw some facial elements for the drawing of Tweety Bird in AD Step 2 after that.


  • You can add some facial elements to your Tweety Bird drawing in this phase since you have completed the head’s outline. We’ll start with his tiny beak first.
  • Two distinct shapes joined at the edges will be used to depict this, and they will be tilted to give the impression that he is grinning.
  • To make him even cuter, add a curved line to the right side of his mouth.
  • Finally, we’ll sketch up his eyes, which will be long and rounded with big pupils.
  • Finish by adding three curved lines for each eye’s eyelashes and three additional curved lines for some hairs on the top of his head.


  • The fact that Tweety’s body is abnormally little in comparison to his head makes him sweeter! In this phase of our tutorial on how to draw Tweety Bird, we’ll start drawing his body.
  • Create his short neck by drawing two tiny, curved lines down from the top of his head. Next, add a curved line to it to represent his shoulder, and then draw another line on the opposite side to represent his chest.
  • Then, draw one more rounded line for his backside using more curved lines that come to a sharp tip before adding his tale.
  • That concludes things for the time being, so let’s move on.


  • At this point, begin sketching Tweety Bird’s arms and legs.
  • In this guide, Tweety is seen in a very endearing stance, which is made even cuter by the way he has his hands clasped in front of him.
  • We’ll be drawing this for this stage of your Tweety Bird drawing. We’ll utilize some curved lines that start close to where you sketched the bulge for his shoulder to accomplish this.
  • We will sketch his tiny fingers in the area where his hands are clasped. Don’t be scared to carefully mimic the reference image as you sketch because this stage can be more difficult than you might anticipate.
  • Two minor peaks at the base of his body, where his legs would protrude in the following step, will serve as our finishing touch.


  • Finish this step sketch by including some feet and other features. Fifth Tweety Bird step
    Finish the drawing now, so you’re prepared for the next stage in this tutorial on sketching Tweety Bird. His feet are equally as large as his head about his torso.
  • But because of their straightforward shapes, drawing them should be no problem. Just sketch some short legs, and create some large, spherical outlines for his two-toed feet.
  • Step 6 is now available to you after you’ve sketched the outline. You might also include a few of your details before continuing.
  • Perhaps you could create a background for Tweety or even depict Sylvester hiding in the shadows.
  • What other suggestions can you make to complete this drawing? These are just a few options.


  • Add color to your Tweety Bird sketch to complete it. Step 6 of Tweety Bird: Share
  • In this final phase, you will add color to your Tweety Bird sketch. The colors used in our reference image are traditional ones for this character.
  • It would be best if you chose some wonderful, vivid yellows and oranges for his torso and head, along with his legs and beak. Finally, we gave his eyes a wonderful light blue color.
  • To give him a vibrant appearance akin to how he appears in cartoons, you might use tools like acrylic paints and colored markers if you want to use the same hues.
  • However, more muted mediums might also look wonderful, so which strategy would you choose?

Five Pointers To Improve Your Tweety Bird Drawing!

  • With these five suggestions, you can portray Tweety Bird even more effectively!
  • We chose to depict Tweety Bird in this artwork in a pretty straightforward, traditional manner. Tweety Bird will occasionally appear in the cartoons dressed in different disguises.
  • It could be entertaining to depict some of these in this picture! Why not try to modify your favorite attire that Tweety Bird has worn in the past for this new image you have created?
  • Although we adore the pose chosen for this photograph, once you have perfected it, you could prefer to adopt a different one. You might utilize cartoons or images from the internet to assist you if you want to accomplish this.
  • What kinds of stances would you like to see Tweety Bird in to customize this picture further?

Would you like to add one of your favorites to this picture?

  • A background would be another way to complete this piece of art truly. If you were to accomplish this, you might get some inspiration from one of the cartoon backgrounds.
  • Alternatively, you might wish to create a brand-new environment for Tweety Bird to be in and send him on a brand-new journey. You could make so many awesome backdrops!
  • How you exhibit your Tweety Bird sketch might also be quite influential. As a poster or birthday card, for instance, you could sketch it on some expensive cardboard.
  • Another fantastic suggestion is to frame your drawing, making it a wonderful present or a decorative item for your home.

You’ve finished drawing Tweety Bird!

  • You’ve finished learning how to draw Tweety Bird, and the result is a stunning illustration of this well-known figure!
  • Tweety can be unexpectedly challenging to draw because he has more intricate characteristics in his design than one might anticipate.
  • We sincerely hope that this instruction made it simpler for you to complete so that you may focus without being frustrated with the enjoyment and creativity of painting!

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