You Need to Remember Before Taking out a Personal Loan?

Personal Loan
Written by Bilal Munsif

Personal loans come in handy when you need funds faster for small to medium expenses. It is one of the most convenient ways to get easy funding whenever you need it. You may need a personal loan to consolidate your previous debts, fund a wedding, tuition, and holidays, start a new business, and medical emergencies. Although these types of loans do not have hidden terms, ensure you check all the necessary personal loan documents before applying.

When you are in a financial emergency, you should grab any opportunity that comes your way. Many borrowers are in trouble due to their haste, as they pursue any scheme, lender, and anywhere. A personal loan is safe only when you thoroughly review the terms. Reading through every line of the loan papers before signing them is vital.

What is a personal loan?

Personal loans are credit lent to you by banks, digital lenders, or financial institutions. It works as a one-time disbursal, which you repay with estimated interest monthly until the term is over. In most cases, personal loans, especially unsecured ones, don’t need collateral or financial assets as security. Therefore, they charge a high-interest rate on loans. The best thing about a personal loan is that they get approved faster than their other counterparts. Moreover, the period between loan approval and loan disbursal is minimal.

You can utilize personal loans in many ways, like spending on something expensive, remodeling or renovating your house, traveling, financing a business venture, getting married, or getting medical treatments. A personal loan is considered the most convenient form of credit as it has fewer and more transparent terms and conditions. They don’t surprise you with additional charges or changes in the terms and conditions. Another great thing is that significantly fewer personal loan documents are needed.

Tips for Applying for a Personal Loan

Knowing that you are opting for a personal loan, it can be assumed that you urgently want the loan amount in your bank account. This is where most people make the mistake of deciding the wrong things. No matter your financial strength, you must always determine the loan amount with a clear head. Suppose you need a loan of 10lac and are eligible for a 20lac loan; always choose the former. There is no point in burdening yourself with unnecessary reimbursements of the credit.

Consider some more before opting for a personal loan.

Remember, there are different types of personal loans

You apply for a personal loan for reasons like paying bills, planning vacations, and spending on an expensive gadget. Two types of personal loans are available with banks or other finance companies. These are- unsecured loans and secured loans.

Unsecured loans are those that don’t require a security deposit or collateral. Generally, the bank wants a house or a vehicle as collateral for most loans. This type of guarantee means the bank will repossess these assets if you fail to repay the loan amount plus interest within the tenure. As no guarantee is involved, these loans contain risk factors for the lenders. This is the reason they charge more interest rates on you.

Secured loans are just the opposite of unsecured loans. If you opt for a secured loan, you must show any physical asset as a security. Because of its no-risk mechanism, secured personal loans have a lower interest rate.

Make sure to decide wisely which type of loan you would want to proceed with. Because of its no-risk mechanism, secured personal loans have a lower interest rate.

Your Ability to Repay the Loan Amount

If you apply for a random amount as a loan, much more than your requirements, and think you will manage to repay it within the term period, don’t. It would be best if you started preparing for the repayment from the time of approval. Plan your monthly payments so that you can meet all deadlines. Evaluate your capability of paying back the personal loan principal and interest suggested by your bank account balance. Managing and organizing your debts is necessary before you get another loan.

Your Credit Score Plays an Important Role

A good credit score makes you a good fit for a loan. On the other hand, a person with a poor credit score can experience a decline in the loan application. Your credit card reflects your solvency as a borrower. It also suggests your financial condition and if it is risky to lend you money.

Start improving your credit score by paying your credit card bills on time, applying for a credit limit increase, and refraining from increasing your debts. People with good credit scores (700–750) get their personal loans approved quickly.

Read the documents carefully before signing.

When it comes to the approval of a Personal loan, documents are vital in case you have a lower attention span. The papers have details about the tenure, gross monthly gross installment amount, interest rate, and terms and conditions.

If you miss any clause, it might impact your credibility as a borrower, resulting in late payments. Late payments again negatively affect your credit score.

Ensure You can repay the loan amount with interest within the given tenure

Make sure you read the personal loan documents carefully to know the loan term. Prepayment or post-payments can harm your credit score, and you can be penalized. Some banks or financial institutions don’t allow prepayments. The longer the tenure, the more you must pay interest. If you repay the loan before your assignment ends, the bank will not be able to generate as much good as it could have in a more extended term period.


Getting a personal loan is less intimidating. All you need is a good credit score to be eligible for a lower interest rate, and you need to check if the disbursal time is convenient for you. Otherwise, you may not receive the loan amount when you need it. Make sure you repay the loan in time, which will improve your CIBIL score. A good CIBIL score eventually helps you get loans quickly in the future.

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