Travel trend 2023: Our top 11 insider travel tips

Written by Bilal Munsif

As soon as the year comes to an end, the travel trend 2023 rises again: the desire to
travel. We have selected the hottest destinations for 2023 for you – some
far away, others just around the corner. The best time to plan your next
holiday is actually – always! Take a little
time, make yourself comfortable
with your favorite playlist and be
inspired by our insider tips ! Here they are –
our hottest travel trends for 2023.

Portugal: Alentejo – an unknown region to fall in love with

When you think of Portugal, do you think of Lisbon and the Algarve? We
do too, but differently! Our tip for 2023 is located exactly between the
two most popular Portugal destinations: Welcome to the Alentejo ,
this unique, rustic region that stretches south from Portugal’s capital Lisbon
down to the Algarve and does not yet attract too many tourists.The Alentejo
lies at your feet along the castle walls of Monsaraz. Photo: Sarah
Waltinger – Itchy Feet

What is special about the Alentejo is its versatility: On the one hand there
is the Atlantic coast, which in the north offers many almost untouched and
unspoilt sandy beaches and miles of dunes. Further south you will find
bizarre steep coasts and cliffs – ideal for everyone who is traveling with a
camper or in a rental car: just drive off and have a day at the beach, wherever
you like.

 If you are more interested

in an active holiday, you should definitely do the approximately
75-kilometer long Fischerweg between Porto Covo and Odeceixe – a great hike,
always along the cliffs, not too challenging and with incomparable
panoramas. You can plan this and many other hikes with a total length of
750 kilometers on the . You can also prepare bike tours there. 

And on the other hand, the inland lures, a wide landscape that is
characterized by cork oak forests and vineyards. If you want to take a
look around here, then you should definitely not miss the by our blogger

When to go? It’s actually always nice in the Alentejo,
which is considered the hottest and driest region in Portugal. In summer
you have to expect heat, if you prefer it milder, the best time to come is in
spring or autumn. With an average of 8 to 14 degrees, winter is not really
cold, but it can also get humid.

Thailand: A special kind of island hopping

Here is an absolute insider tip, even for anyone who has ever been
to  . Our idea: off to  Trat ,
which is around 300 kilometers east of Bangkok. For most travelers, the
place is no more than a transit station, because from here you can continue to
the  Koh Chang Archipelago  in
the Gulf of Thailand.

You’re going to love this island paradise just a stone’s throw from the
Cambodian coast! It consists of almost 50 small and larger islands, of
which only four are developed for tourism: Koh Chang, Koh Mak, Koh
 and  Koh Wai . You
only need half an hour by ferry from Trat to  Koh Chang . 

You will find really beautiful sandy beaches with everything that goes with
them, especially in the south-west of the island. The hotels are good and
blend in architecturally with the landscape. And if you don’t feel like
chilling, then you can take a detour to one of the waterfalls, for example.

Koh Wai

is much smaller and best known for the coral reef in front of the
island. An absolute must for the Like the other islands, Koh Mak is above all a place
to relax. This is not about action and adventure, but about peace,
serenity and sweet doing nothing. That’s why it doesn’t bother anyone here
that there are only a few smaller hotels, a few restaurants and shops on the

Koh Kood  is the fourth largest island in
Thailand. Nevertheless, things are rather tranquil here. Here you can
also dive, snorkel and enjoy a quiet beach holiday .

When to go?  The best time to come is between
December and March. Then the average temperatures are around 30 degrees
and it hardly rains.

Spain: Andalusia highlights for every taste travel

Andalusia is our next travel highlight for 2023. Here, in the southernmost
and warmest region of Europe, the sun shines 320 days a year. The best
conditions for an all-round successful holiday! Chill out on one of the
many wonderful beaches, hike through impressive national parks, enjoy pure
culture or simply combine everything. 

A lot of culture awaits you in Andalusia, which is influenced by the Moors,
for example in the capital Seville , in Granada , Málaga or Cordoba .The
Metropol Parasol is one of the best viewpoints in Seville. Photo: Nina and
Tom – traveloptimizer

Fancy beach life? No problem, because there are many great places and
beaches on the coast where you can relax in a particularly cool way. If
that is too boring for you in the long run, you can also get sporty at many
spots, for example surfing. The following applies here: The further south
you are, the higher the waves are. 

The beaches near Cadiz travel

 or Chiclana are therefore more suitable for
beginners . In the little town of Coniz , things
are rather quiet and relaxed, big, loud parties are not celebrated here,
instead you sit with a drink in the evening sun and enjoy the wind that blows
around your nose – life can be so beautiful!

We still have an insider tip: Cabo de Gata , a
nature park and biosphere reserve south of Almeria ,
located directly on the sea. Here you will find completely unspoilt
beaches like nowhere else on the Costa del Sol. You want more
Andalusia? Then we have two articles for you: Our bloggers Nina and Tom
tell you the and author Anika discovered the best.

When to go? Depends on what you’re up to. Spring
or autumn are best for active vacationers, when it is less hot than in
summer. In addition, there are far fewer tourists in Andalusia in the

Ethiopia – on the way in the cradle of mankind

Time for something completely new: How about Ethiopia ? The
starting point for your trip is the capital Addis Ababa ,
a pulsating metropolis where a lot is happening right now: Construction is
going on everywhere, life takes place in the streets and it is correspondingly
loud and bustling in the city of millions.

 Before you start a round trip through the beautiful country on the
Horn of Africa, you should plan a day or two in Addis Ababa. In the many
museums in the city you can find out extensive about the history, customs and
traditions of Ethiopiato inform. Be sure to take a look:

A copy of the most famous skeleton travel

in the world is on display in the “National Museum of Ethiopia” –
Lucy lived a good 3.2 million

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