What Else Should You Look for in a Vape Starter Kit?

Vape Kit
Written by Bilal Munsif

If you’re a smoker and have made the decision to switch to vaping eliquid, the first thing that you’ll need to acquire is a vape starter kit. Because a vape kit is meant to include nearly everything a new vaper needs to get started, it is possibly the most crucial purchase you will make. All of the components are essential, making this a full package.

What, exactly, does one get in the way of accessories when one purchases a vape starter kit, and why are these things necessary for one to get started with vaping? That’s what you’ll find out about in this piece.

But first, if you’re indecisive about what to purchase, here’s some guidance that may be useful. Which vape starter kits are recommended for the year 2023?

Where Can I Find the Best Vape Starter Kits in 2023?

There are so many best vape kits on the market right now that it might be confusing to choose one. That’s especially likely to be the case if you’re new to vaping and aren’t even sure what you want yet. If you’re feeling confused, we’re here to assist. These are Innokin’s most recent and top-tier vape starter kits.

Innokin INNOBAR C1

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The Innokin INNOBAR C1 is our first non-disposable vaping device to utilise the innovative water-based vaping technology co-created with Aquios Labs. It uses pre-filled e-liquid pods. In 2023, we won the coveted Golden Leaf Award for our innovative water-based vaping technology.

The INNOBAR C1 requires no instruction beyond charging, inserting a pod, and inhaling the vapour. Water-based e-liquid is unparalleled in its smoothness, and it provides nicotine enjoyment quickly.

Quick View: Innokin Sceptre 2

While vaping devices that use pre-filled pods are simple and convenient, refillable devices have several advantages as well, including the fact that you can use any flavour of e-liquid instead of the limited selection made available for your device. The Innokin Sceptre 2 is the ideal vape starter kit for anyone curious about the advantages of using bottled e-liquid and want the best possible balance of ease of use and personalization options.

If you’ve used a vape kit with refillable pods before, like the INNOBAR C1, then the Sceptre 2’s pod system will feel quite familiar. The only real distinction is that you have to hand-fill each pod. After numerous uses of refilling the Sceptre 2 pod, the flavour will begin to degrade, at which point you will only need to change the coil. With the innovative coil replacement technique we’ve developed for the Sceptre 2, even a novice vaper will have no trouble at all.

A Coolfire Z60 by Innokin

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To get more out of your vaping experience, you may want to get your first vape mod if you’ve been doing so for some time. Our newest vape mod, the Innokin Coolfire Z60, strikes a balance between robust functionality and user-friendliness, making it an excellent choice for you if you’re interested in enhanced performance but would want to avoid unnecessary complexity.

The Coolfire Z60 can fire at a maximum of 60 watts and is compatible with all Innokin Z coils thanks to its built-in 2,500 mAh battery. The Coolfire Z60’s integrated Refresh feature produces taste like you’ve never had before from a vape mod.

What Else Should You Look for in a Vape Starter Kit?

Now that we’ve gotten those suggestions out of the way, let’s talk about what really brought you here. What standard components are included in every vape starter kit?

Vape Pen

Every vape kit revolves around the vaping device itself. In addition to powering your tank or pod, the power supply also serves as the user interface for controlling the device’s on/off status and adjusting the voltage or wattage. To further guarantee your safety, a vaping gadget will include built-in protection measures like checking for short circuits and harmful battery loads.

Is It a Tank or a Pod?

The device is the centrepiece of a vape kit, but it is useless without a tank or pod attached to it in order to generate vapour. A vape kit will always contain a compatible tank so you can start vaping right away, even though a vape mod with threading at the top can normally function with any vape tank you attach it to. However, a pod system can only function with compatible pods, therefore every pod vaping kit will come with at least one pod.

Spare Pods and Coils

However, the coil in an atomizer only lasts so long. Whether from heat stress or e-liquid residue, every coil will lose some of its flavour quality over time. When that happens, simply swapping out the coil or pod will get your vape kit tasting like new again. Having an additional coil or pod in your vape kit means you can go longer between buying replacement parts.

A Cable for Providing Charge

As with any electronic gadget, a charged battery is essential for use with a vaping device. A vape kit with a removable battery gives you the option to use a standard external battery charger if you choose. However, regardless of whether the battery is built-in or removable, there will always be a charging connector for the battery. A vape kit will typically come complete with the necessary charging wire.

Replacement Elements

In a vape tank, there are various places where something could go wrong. Tanks are made up of a number of interchangeable parts, and rubber gaskets are employed at all of the areas where two or more parts come into contact. In some cases, a vape set will also contain a spare tank glass tube. This will make replacing the tank simple in the event that you drop your vaping device on a hard surface and crack it.

Authenticity Verification and User Guide

Whenever you get a new piece of electronic equipment, it’s a good idea to read the handbook and familiarise yourself with how everything works. In every case, a vape kit will come with a written instructions detailing how to use the device. Many vape starter kits also come with a unique authentication code. Unfortunately, there is a widespread problem with counterfeit vaping products; nevertheless, you may verify the legitimacy of your vape kit by entering the authenticity code into a website.

It’s possible that your vape starter kit lacks these two essential components:

If you want to start vaping as soon as you acquire your first vape kit, you need know exactly what comes in the kit and what you’ll need to order separately.


A vaping pod starter kit may come with one or two pods pre-filled with e-liquid when you purchase a vaping device that utilises pods. A universally appealing vape juice would be impossible to select given the wide variety of flavours and nicotine levels available. If you want to use a refillable vape kit, you’ll need to purchase e-liquid separately.


It’s rather uncommon to find vape kits with built-in batteries, but there are also devices that need replaceable cells. Any product with a replaceable battery is one you should consider purchasing.

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